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Why Women Will Save Travel

Women make over 80% of all travel decisions

JourneyWoman ranks in the top 15 travel websites globally

 Women have trusted us for almost 30 years to help them travel safely and well

Want to know more?
Read our 2020 Embracing the Unknown Study Results of over 1500 mature female travellers about the impact of the pandemic on trust, destination preferences and new decision-making criteria.

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Our Research revealed that:

  • Women aged 55+ – categorized as Gen Xers and Baby Boomers – are powerful influencers in travel
  • 73% are willing to pay more to feel safe
  • Most spend between $3-5,000 per week on travel  and take multiple trips a year
  • Women lack trust in the tourism industry, which is inhibiting their decision to travel

In 2021, Let’s Get Travel Ready

How can you regain trust with the most influential travellers in the world and help them become Travel Ready? Advertising alone won’t work.

With myriad and sometimes unknown sources of information, women turn to those they trust.

Today’s mature woman is smart. She is cynical. She has seen it all.

It’s time for a new approach to build relationships. We can help.


Partnership Opportunities

We welcome inquiries about strategic partnerships to help you connect with female decision-makers in a way that is honest, real and genuine.

Tour Operators

Join the JourneyWoman Annual Women’s Travel Directory

At JourneyWoman we’re very proud to house the world’s first and most credible listing of women-friendly travel opportunities on the Internet. We accept travel directory 12-month listings on an ongoing basis. These listings can be tours, products or services that are relevant to our audience.

Your journey with us starts with a listing in our redesigned and expanded Women’s Travel Directory. You can purchase this online HERE and provide a listing for our review. All tour operators in our Women’s Travel Directory are also invited to a monthly call to share insights and collaboration opportunities. 

Listings in the WTD show up in the destination section and in the “type of travel’ categories here. Please contact so that we can recommend the right strategy for you.

Hot Deals and Discounts for Women?

Publish your Offer in JourneyWoman Magazine (issued 2x/month)

Do you have a new trip to showcase, a special deal on offer, no added single supplement to announce, or discount promo coupons for Journeywoman readers? HOT Deals for our community are published in the monthly magazine going to 55,000 women for $325 USD per insertion.

We publish our magazine twice a month, and will also do special issues if there is a reason to communicate with our members. Our Editorial Calendar is HERE.

We offer discounts for multiple issues and those who advertise in our Women’s Travel Directory. The deadline to reserve space for this is a month prior to publication.  Please contact  

Tourism boards

Want to attract women to your Destination? 

We welcome pitches from Tourism Boards about specific countries and locations for both editorial and advertising. 

Advertising is available on our new Destination pages, launching in January 2021. For advertising opportunities please email

For editorial inquiries please email

Other Partnership Opportunities

We also have other opportunities for partnership, including:

  • Things She Loves (products and services must be endorsed by the editorial team or recommended by our readers, but we are open to suggestions and pitches. Any product must include an offer, discount or benefit to our community)
  • Brand Partnership campaigns: We design and execute full social media campaigns. Fees depend on your needs.
  • Product, App or Service Reviews
  • Banner ads on our website (limited and only on special occasions)
  • Targeted mailings to focused segments
  • Social media posts
  • Contests or Promotions
  • Submitted articles, tips, book recommendations
  • Sponsor Page on our website with links to yours
  • Promotion of JourneyWoman to your community via newsletters, social channels
  • Sponsored trips
  • Joint Marketing programs including  PR, Speaking engagement
  • Awards and IP /Reports

To visit our Editorial Calendar please click HERE!

We have lots of other ideas…. give us a challenge and we will meet it!

 How you can become part of the JourneyWoman movement

To build strong relationships with our partners and help present their products and services in a strategic way, we’ve designed a different kind of partnership model that reinforces our commitment to you, and to our community. As a team with a long history in marketing and branding, we will work with each partner to ensure we are providing you the most strategic value for your hard-earned dollars!

As a small, women-owned and operated business, our ethos is to support other small businesses and female entrepreneurs. We also work closely with mid-sized and large travel companies that offer multiple tours to multiple locations, and with travel-related product brands and services.  We are not, and never will be, a tour operator. 

Criteria for Inclusion 

We ask all of our partners to align with our criteria for Authentic Travel: As our world faces unprecedented challenges, the time has come to take action and help protect our world for future generations by travelling authentically.

To be considered you must respond YES to the questions below:

  1. Are you majority woman-owned or founded?
  2. Do you offer single supplements to women travelling solo? 
  3. Do you support local entrepreneurs and businesses in the country you provide travel to?
  4. Do you support sustainable travel initiatives, such as reducing plastic, encouraging the use of public transportation, supporting farm-to-table restaurants, etc.
  5. Do you encourage volunteerism in the communities in which you operate?
  6. Do you take steps to ensure that there is no harm to wildlife and the natural environment?

If so, please submit an application to learn more about our partnership opportunities.


Still interested? Send your email to with the words ‘Interested Partner’ in the subject line. In the body of the email tell us: your name, website URL and country you are writing from.

This is what the press and our advertisers say about JourneyWoman

Over the years, more than 125 media outlets, from the New York Times to People Magazine, have showered us with praise.

‘ outperforms businesses with million-dollar branding budgets'(Toronto Star)

“The last seven women who got in touch with us were from the Journeywoman Newsletter” (Tours to Ireland)

“Evelyn Hannon is giving women their wings” (Time Magazine)

“Good news! I continue to have a good response to your newsletter. “(Tours to France, Paris, Italy, Norway, Ireland)

“Journeywoman, we appreciate all your hard work and we love working with you.” (Tours to Provence)

“We have never had a stronger response from any ad that we’ve run to date than the one in the Journeywoman Newsletter.”

“We are getting ongoing interest from just the right audience.” (Women’s Tours to Kenya)

“Evelyn Hannon is a Woman of the World “(People Magazine)

“Journeywoman understands how good solo travel can be for the heart and soul” (45 Best Boomer Travel Blogs to Follow in 2018)

Please direct any advertising inquiries you might have to

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