Last updated on January 7th, 2022

Explore, discover and enjoy!

What kind of travel appeals to you? 

Here you’ll find articles relevant to every kind of travel experience, from adventure to road trips. Together, we can overcome our fears, share our dreams, and discover new qualities within ourselves.

Solo Travel

It takes a special brand of courage to be a solo traveller. 

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The Older Adventuress

Aging disgracefully? Then you’ll love these articles curated for the older adventuress. 

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Active Adventurers

Always ready for the next spine-tingling, adrenaline pumping adventure? Read on! 

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Budget Travel

We want you to have all the tricks and tools to maximize your budget.

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Multi-Generational Travel

Sharing a love of travel with our children and grandchildren makes our journey even more fulfilling. 

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Travel with an infant or young children can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! Let’s do this! 

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Road Trips

Staying close to home can deepen community ties and relationships

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Virtual Travel

When you can’t get up and go, here’s the next best option!

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Slow Travel

Taking the time to connect to nature, people and cultures in a sustainable way

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