Last updated on September 29th, 2023

inspiring solo travel for almost 30 years

We Take the First Step

JourneyWoman: Leading Women’s Solo Travel Since 1994

JourneyWoman is the world’s original solo travel publication for women, founded by the late Evelyn Hannon in 1994. (Learn about Evelyn’s contributions to women’s travel here.) With over 60,000 subscribers, we are the largest publication for women over 50 travel in the world,  co-created with and representing the voices of mature women for almost 30 years.

In 2019, JourneyWoman was acquired by Carolyn Ray, who was recognized by TravelPulse as one of the most influential women in travel in March 2023. Carolyn aspires to help women live the life of their dreams by embracing conscious, sustainable travel that empowers ALL women – from traveller to community.  Our most recent study, “The Influence and Affluence of Women Over 50 in Travel”, showed that 70% of women over 50 don’t feel seen or understood by the travel industry. This is a missed opportunity for the travel industry to build relationships with women, improve the types of travel experiences they offer and recognize the value of mature women to the travel industry.

In addition to publishing award-winning travel editorial with our contributing writers, we create a safe, inviting place where women can research, learn and find inspiration to live the life of their dreams, with travel as a shared passion. Established in August 2020, our Women’s Travel Advisory Council represents expert views from our readers and travel experts on issues such as human trafficking, animal ethics, accessibility, ageism and financial planning. We also host a monthly Travel Book Club, Community Calls and private Facebook group, to help women connect and share their first-hand tips and inspiring stories. We also believe that women can and should support women-owned businesses, so we provide women with the first and only Women’s Travel Directory in the world featuring women-friendly tours, retreats, accommodations and guides – everything women need to plan their adventures.

Being a JourneyWoman is a mindset. It’s not just about age or experience. As JourneyWomen, we take the first step into the future, with curiosity as our compass, seeking authenticity in every experience and being intentional about where and how we spend our hard-earned travel dollars. We know the world is watching — and learning — from us.

    Photos: The late Evelyn Hannon, the Original JourneyWoman and JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray at the Ushuaia, Argentina signs years apart.

    Journey Woman acquired by Carolyn Ray

    Photo: Carolyn and Evelyn’s daughter, Erica Ehm (R), with Evelyn’s iconic red boots and the original JourneyWoman newsletter circa 1994, announcing the transition of JourneyWoman to Carolyn in August 2019.  

    At JourneyWoman, we embrace three guiding principles

    We seek

    We seek real life, not perfection. Significance, not simplicity. We pursue the wisdom of history, the beauty of culture, and the wonder in our world, found in moments both expansively big and surprisingly small. We are aware and accountable for the impact of our decisions on our shared earth and recognize that travel is a privilege, not a right. 

    We learn

    We are curious. We get off the bus. We walk. We ask questions. We know travel isn’t about counting countries or marks on a map. We bring our whole, authentic selves to every encounter. We respect the world as it is and ask how we can contribute rather than impose our beliefs. We make every effort to support women-owned businesses when we travel. 

    We teach

    We are teachers, role models and mentors, and we share our stories with intention and purpose. We learn from one another, respecting the diversity of our human experience. We seek to empower women and girls and contribute to local communities – when invited – through our actions and volunteerism. We accept our responsibility as JourneyWomen to help create a better world.


    “If you welcome the world’s invitation to challenge yourself. If you act with the intention that everything is connected. If you meet others as they are, equals on their own path. If you feel called to courage, curiosity and generosity, and inspired to take action to make our world a better place, you might already be a JourneyWoman.”

    Carolyn Ray, CEO + Publisher, JourneyWoman

    What Does It Mean To Be A JourneyWoman?