What to Wear in Scotland

by | Sep 23, 2017

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Last updated on November 19th, 2023

Edinburgh’s strong winds and heavy rain make warm clothes and sturdy umbrella a must at any time of the year. July is the warmest month, reaching an average high of 18 degrees C. or 65 degrees F.

J. Ward, G. McLachlan, Edinburgh, Mini Rough Guide

It seems that no one wears anything but dark pants, skirts and beautiful blouses. The young people seem to be “really hip”, but the woman dress nicely. Don’t wear expensive jewelry and leave your white tennis shoes at home. You may as well wear a huge sign that says tourist if you wear white tennis shoes

Gail, Columbus, GA, USA

Scotland can be a wonderful warm day that turns suddenly cold and rainy. Plan for layers.

I travelled from Glasgow to North Berwick on train and then back to west coast and up to the Orkany Islands by car. My travels included informal visits, shopping, pubbing, museums, galleries, boat tours, hiking and walks, castle and garden tours.

Blue jeans are a must. Everyone wears them. You can dress them up or down. With a nice long sleeve blouse or a tshirt. Black walking shoes also went with my black cotton blend slacks – again dress up or down with a tshirt or blouse. I wore these slacks at nicer restaurants and for a more presentable look. I also brought a pair of beige cotton pants with a matching jacket as at it was spring. I wore this outfit a lot as I could add a scarf or hat to change the look. I chose red walking sandal with a back strap. These went with everything.

Bring at least one sweater (I had a red one) or plan on buying a traditional Wool one while there. I also recommend a sweatshirt or plan on buying a tourist one. I thankfully brought a pair of silk long underwear and matching longsleeve top. These came in so handy for under my jeans as it can and will get chilly. I also wore them as PJs. Of course 4 pairs of undies, 2 bras, 2 camisols or tanktops, and 2 pairs of cotton and 2 pairs of wool socks.

A rain jacket/ wind breaker is a must and bring a compact umbrella and hat. Although a back pack was good if you were hiking not so good for castles and shopping – just too bulky and it radiates “tourist”. . I had a large sideshoulder handbag.
Although I brought a simple black skirt I never wore it nor had the inclination to. If you feel you need a skirt there are so many charity shops you can pick one up no problem.

Mix and Matching casual layers is the key.

JudyMarie Cooper, British Columbia

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