Last updated on February 10th, 2023

Connect in a sustainable way

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Slow travel narrows the aperture of your journey, allowing you to explore a wider swath of a single region or country.

Embracing Slow Travel

The philosophy of slow travel is rooted in connection, and the individual and collective responsibility of travellers to protect and conserve. We define slow travel as taking the time to connect to people, cultures, and the natural world in a sustainable way.

Less-Travelled Destinations to Explore

By its very nature, slow travel reconnects travellers with their environment, landscapes, people, cultures and self.

Finding Longer Stays

Staying in a vacation rental or homestay gives you an opportunity to be a traveller, not a tourist. 

10 Expert Tips for Women to Find the Perfect Long Stay

With longer stays dominating the vacation rental market, these 10 expert tips will help women find safe, cost-effective homestays.

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Inspiration from Women

Slow travel is an investment in a local economy. Putting your dollars in a single region or country over an extended period of time pays dividends. Live like a local, help the locals live better.

Travel on a Budget

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Top Apps Women Don’t Travel Without

A handy list of the top apps saved in the smartphones of JourneyWomen around the world that help them plan for and travel safely and well..

Download “10 Tips to Find the Perfect Long Stay”

With longer stays dominating the vacation rental market, the search for safe, cost-effective places to stay is heating up.  Here are 10 tips from JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray to help you find the long stay of your dreams, and over 50 questions to help you have the best possible experience when you embrace slow travel. 

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