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We want to empower you with the practical, real, and honest information you need to travel safely and well. Here, you’ll find tips from our community to help you plan your journey, be safe when you’re there, and share your story with us when you’re back!   

Travelling with Mom: Tips and Advice

Travelling with Mom: Tips and Advice

One day my 70-year old mom asked me to join her on a trip to Hungary. The trip was not very successful. Ten years later, we’ve been travelling together ever since. Here are my tips to travel with mom.

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Do your part. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Every day, we can ask ourselves: “What can I do to help?” Staying home is what I can do to help.

Hike the Classic Inca Trail

You can get to Machu Picchu by train and bus but I highly recommend doing one of the hiking treks as it is the experience of a lifetime.

Preparing for High Altitudes in Ecuador

Tips for altitudes from my 5100m climb at Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador

Gluten free in SOHO, New York

If you’re gluten-sensitive and visiting NYC, there’s no need to feel pangs of remorse over all the amazing Italian cuisine options!

Experience Old Florida in Stuart

If you want a taste of the way Florida used to be, stop in Stuart, just north of Palm Beach.

Gelati with a view of dolphins and waves in Australia

If you ever get the chance to travel to North Stradbroke Island, Australia, make sure you do the gorge walk.

Get off the beaten path in Trondheim, Norway

“If you travel to Norway, be sure to stop in the third largest city, Trondheim.” – Sue, Niger

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