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Safety Resources for Women Travellers

Safety starts with the right mindset

While women have taken great steps forward in travel, representing two-thirds of all travellers, we are still having to confront the issue of personal safety when we travel. Safety starts well before you leave on a trip, in fact, for most women it’s an integral part of the planning process.

JourneyWoman has been leading the safety dialogue for almost 30 years, and even created the Government of Canada’s guide for solo travel for women, called Her Own Way, which is still in use today.  This page includes links to some of our most popular resources and tips from women who have travelled the world.With a safety mindset and planning carefully in advance, women can take active steps to prepare for any situation, at home or abroad.

The pandemic has made women’s safety even more important

“As a woman, being able to move about freely all over the world without having to worry about personal safety, is my definition of safety in the context of future travel.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic has negatively affected women’s safety, going far beyond secure accommodations and personal safety to include medical facilities, transportation and health and hygiene. It has also made us realize that safety isn’t just a travel issue; it affects women at home too.

We must commit to ourselves to honour those moments when we don’t feel safe and actively take steps to protect ourselves. To do that, we need a plan, and we need practice. A safety mindset is a start, but by learning self-defence skills we can be empowered to take control of any situation and move into a position of control.

Top Safety Tips for Solo Travellers 

list of tips for solo travel

Safety Tips for Women: At Home + Abroad

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Self-Defense Tips From an Expert

Let’s take back our power

Regardless of where we are, or what age we are, or whether we’re abroad or at home, we need to feel empowered and confident. Safety starts with the right mindset, using proven safety tips and common sense. The next step then is to empower ourselves with self-defense skills so that we can be ready for any situation, at home or abroad. We need not be victims. 

Tip 1: Find your voice: scream, yell and shout!

Tip 2: Fight, Punch and Kick!

Tip 3: Run like hell!

Women's self defense tips - run like hell, like this woman!

Tip 4: Manage Your Adrenaline

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Four Keys to Personal Safety 

Lorna Selig of Safe4 Life recommends four keys to personal safety to keep you protected and safe, regardless of where you are in the world, of how you’re showing up and what your environment looks like.  

#1: Be aware: Put the phone away, make eye contact, briefly, Trust your instincts, Walk confidently

#2: Establish and protect your boundaries: Step back. Walk around and go to the back of the line-up. 

#3: Confidence and Skills: Learn self-defense skills and practice them.

#4: Have a Safety plan: It should include fighting, shouting, running to safety, and breathing.

Watch the video of our self-defense training to learn more 

Destination-Specific Resources

Safety isn’t specific to a destination, but certain places require extra planning and preparation for solo women

Recognizing that safety is subjective, JourneyWomen recommend the countries below as more or less ‘safe’, based on their own personal experience.

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