Karen Gershowitz

Karen Gershowitz

Solo Travel + Less-Travelled Places

Author, Solo Travel Expert, Quirky Places
New York, USA

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023

Karen has been traveling solo since age seventeen, when she flew to Europe and didn’t return to the US for three years. Since then, she has traveled to 95 countries, many of them numerous times.

Among her speaking engagements, Karen has spoken at the Ethical Culture Society of New York, The Center for Living and Learning, and is a regular presenter for Score NYC. In her career as a marketing strategist and researcher Karen traveled the world conducting thousands of meetings, focus groups and interviews. Her skills as an interviewer have persuaded total strangers to talk candidly about the most intimate of subjects, personal bankruptcy, illness and religion. When traveling for pleasure, those same skills helped her to draw out people’s stories. She learned about their lives, as well as local customs and fashions and what makes them laugh.

She has written two books and is working on a third one. Her first book of travel stories, Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust, explores the confluence of travel and life events and how travel has changed her beliefs and life direction. Her second book, Wanderlust: Extraordinary People, Quirky People, and Curious Cuisine, (Pub date 10/3/2023) continues those stories, addressing issues readers have asked to hear more about; memorable food, people, and places she experienced in her travels.

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Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust
Wanderlust: Extraordinary People, Quirky Places, and Curious Cuisine