Tracey Breeden

Tracey Breeden

Women’s Safety + LGTBQ+

Women’s, LGBTQ+ and Marginalized Group Safety
Arizona, USA

Topics Include:

  • Physical and online safety for women and LGBTQ+ individuals while traveling
  • Creating social change, community and creating safe spaces while traveling (ie. supporting women’s gender-based violence organizations across the world; identifying and reporting human trafficking; connecting people and culture for collective action)
  • Safety while using sharing apps across the world (ie. rideshare, homeshare and dating apps)

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Last updated on March 28th, 2024

Tracey Breeden is an activist & disruptor, and the former VP, Head of Safety and Social Advocacy at Match Group. Here she led the global Trust & Safety Product, Operations, Moderation & Care, Law Enforcement Investigations and Social Advocacy Strategy and Safety efforts across their 15+ brands including Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid and international brands like Meetic, Pairs and HyperConnect.

Tracey brings an intersectional, equity & inclusion lens to safety operations, products, policies, and programs. A former police officer and investigator with subject matter expertise in sexual assault and domestic violence who was awarded the medal of valor during her law enforcement career.

Tracey was Uber’s first Head of Women’s Safety and created Uber’s Global Women’s Safety & Gender-Based Violence Programs Team—the first global team dedicated to the safety of women and other vulnerable populations at Uber. Tracey spearheaded several safety and social advocacy programs including Uber’s Global Driving Change commitment and program to help drive awareness, education and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence to millions globally. It led to engagement with over 200 women’s safety groups and advocacy organizations and partnerships with 35 gender-based violence prevention organizations globally, resulting in several impactful internal and external global initiatives.

Tracey is known for creating Uber’s first human trafficking prevention initiative and Uber’s first bystander awareness initiatives utilizing a community collaboration model in partnership with law enforcement, government officials, advocates and businesses. She and her team also advised on some of Uber’s most notable safety products like Safety Center, Ride Check, Emergency Button, Share My Trip and Feedback features while also driving the creation of initiatives like the Uber/RAINN dedicated hotline and survivor resource program, driver safety education, training and standards for customer support teams and an industry first sexual misconduct classification system developed in partnership with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Urban Institute—a system that has been adopted by other companies like Trip Advisor.

Tracey owns her own business, Disrupt the Landing, LLC, where she provides holistic, individual 1:1 coaching as well as consulting services for organizations. Tracey’s vision is to build an authentic, equitable, and respectful community of safety from all forms of harm. Tracey believes safety, equity and advocacy are interconnected and both individuals and corporations have a role to play in helping create safe and authentic spaces for ourselves and our communities while also being advocates for social and cultural change.

Tracey is the host of The Disruption Podcast, a podcast about creating big, bold change – through the disruption of systems that cause harm to others and through disruption in your personal life leading you to find pathways to your own purpose and power to be fully you.

Member, JourneyWoman Woman’s Travel Advisory Council

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • “Making Your Employees Feel Safe When US Policy Does Not”, at the Lesbians Who Tech Conference, June 2023
  • “Breaking the Silence – A Call To Ending Forced Arbitration”, at the National Sexual Assault Conference August 2023
  • “The Connection Between Women’s Safety and Human Rights,” Women’s Travel Wisdom, October 2023

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