International Women’s Day 2014 – Celebrating the Diversity of Women

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Capachia Woman, Peru

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Featured Image: A Peruvian craftswoman in the Capachica Peninsula / Photo by: Bianca Pauza

A Photographic Tribute to the Diversity of Women

By Evelyn Hannon, Founder, JourneyWoman

The concept of curating an online exhibit of women around the world grew organically last year. We posted a few requests for submissions in forums and on Facebook and the response was immediate and wonderful. So satisfying, in fact that we felt we wanted to try it again.

This time photographers and bloggers around the world answered even faster with more wonderful images and mini-stories to accompany those images. Together they form a lovely tribute to the diversity of females around the world.

We live in very different parts of the world
And come in diverse shapes and sizes.

Leslie and BexieWe’re blessed with features that are unique.
And come in skin tones of assorted colors.
Yet beneath that skin and in our hearts
We are all absolutely the same.
Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends – FEMALES.

Today we celebrate all WOMEN all over the world.

International Women’s Day 2014


With thanks to photographers Jenny Freedman, Ben Jones, Sudha Pillai, Shara Johnson, Evelyn Hannon, Sofie Couwenbergh, Bianca Pauza, Andrea Rees, Andrea Anastasakis, Kellie Netherwood, Matt Gibson, Suzanne Fluhr, Teresa Keane, Anne Sterck, Ellen Barone, Cacinda Maloney, Steph Spencer, Kristin Mock, Jeff Johns, Suzanne Courtney, Katie Aune, Nancy Sathre-Vogel, Jen Pollack Bianco, Lydian Brunsting, Michele Peterson, Ursula Maxwell-Lewis, Rachel Sales, Brian Barry.

A young Russian girl with a scowl on her face

This was taken at an annual fair in Bangalore, India where balloon-sellers are common. But there aren’t many female balloon-sellers and this young woman was an unusual but colourful sight.

Photographer: Sudha Pillai

Gazaintep Market Woman

I spotted this lady, bent over her walking stick, wandering along the alleyways of the bazaar in Gaziantep, Turkey.

She spotted me back and prodded me with her stick and asked me to take her photo. What a smile!

Photographer: Jenny Freedman Website:

Girl trying on hat in mirror

While exploring the bustling Vic Night Market in Melbourne I captured a picture of my British girlfriend trying on a sun hat.

She was contemplating her image in the mirror with such intensity, it made for a superb shot.

Photographer: Ben Jones Website:

A young Russian girl with a scowl on her face

On a cruise between St Petersburg and Moscow, we stopped at a tiny Russian island with few families living there. This little girl accepted the candy treat I offered her but never stopped scowling at me, the foreigner.

Photographer: Evelyn Hannon Website:

I met this mother and daughter high up in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal where villagers live somewhere between the snow and the clouds.

We saw tough, rugged women chopping and carrying wood equal to their own weight who would then turn to gently care for their children. The personal strength of these independent mountain women was nothing short of brilliant.

Photographer: Gabi Claf The Nomadic Family

While travelling in Africa, I came upon this beautiful young girl at work, processing peanuts in a small Senegalese village.

Photographer: Sofie Couwenbergh Website:

Chinese Farmer Girl

This is Pan-Pan, a young girl in a peasant village in China cutting and bringing home hay from the fields for her sheep at dawn. A rare child who enjoys farm work more than city life.

Photographer: Shara Johnson Website:

Capachia Woman, Peru

I met this craftswoman while visiting the Capachica peninsula in Peru, on the shore of Lake Titicaca.

The locals here have a strong tradition of weaving their textiles and this woman was proudly showing one of the methods she uses.

Photographer: Bianca Pauza Website:

More on International Women’s Day

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