30 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Woman over 50 Traveller

by | Feb 12, 2024

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Last updated on February 28th, 2024

Featured image: Look through our list of 30 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Woman over 50 Traveller | Photo by Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day

Curated by JourneyWoman staff

Welcome to a special JourneyWoman: Things She Loves just for Valentine’s Day. This is our place to share and recommend tried and true products and services that we love — no marketing gimmicks, just honest and candid recommendations from women, for women, to make solo travel easier. 

This month we encourage you to treat yourself to the love and attention you deserve! Our list below includes some important travel products to help prioritize self-care while travelling, including products that make travelling a little easier on the body and soul. Have a tip to add? Send it in here!

And just a reminder we’ll be sharing more travel love on our February 14 Community Call with our writers. This is your chance to connect with other solo travellers, talk about where we’ve been, where we’re going and our 30th anniversary plans.

30 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Woman over 50 Traveller

1. Foot massager: “I have a tendency to walk a lot when I travel so my feet are always sore. This week in Rome, my hotel room had a foot massager, which I originally thought was a bit goofy. And then I used it and totally changed my mind. I just ordered a Renpho Foot Massager to arrive when I get home from Italy! Rempho has lots of other products to help with circulation.” — Carolyn R.

2. Heating pads for cramps or muscles: “This travel-sized heating pad connects into any USB and relieves fatigue, stiff shoulders, tight lower back muscles, menstrual cramps and improves blood circulation.”

3. Compression socks: “I decided to finally give compression socks a try before a 13-hour long-haul flight to Cape Town, and couldn’t believe the difference they made. I walked off the flight with zero swelling and discomfort in my feet and legs and overall felt so much better when I landed. Compression socks work!” ​Find some here. — Stephanie C.

4. Patch for muscle pain: “I originally saw this nanotechnology patch (for chronic and acute muscle or joint pain) on Innovation Nation about a year ago. I bought it and have suggested it to friends who also bought it and had success. I should add that it has limited success with sciatica. Get on the email list for a discount. It weighs nothing and saves you from buying and discarding other patches.” — Margaret C.

5. Good walking shoes and socks: If you plan on exploring a new city on foot, comfortable walking shoes are a must! Don’t forget to break them in before your trip. If you plan on hiking, Merrell hiking shoes are highly recommended. As for socks, look for ones made of wool to help avoid blisters.

6. Insoles: “I get one or two extra sets of insoles for my walking shoes. My feet are always fresh and dry with no need to pack more shoes.” — Marti

7. Wool socks: Darn Tough is the best. Guaranteed for life.” — Barbara M.

8. Kick-ass Boots: 2024 is the year of the dragon, which is considered the most potent—and most desired—zodiac symbol, a symbol of luck, wisdom and strength According to J. Keith Wilson, curator of ancient Chinese art at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art, “the dragon is a pulsating force, the world’s activating agent.” As we celebrate the year of the dragon and our 30th anniversary, let’s get our JourneyWoman Red boots on and prepare for a year of incredible and transformative travel experiences. Find your boots here!

Joy loves her red boots, which caused a flurry of attention in our Facebook group. She says: “Sometimes, you need kick-ass boots to keep moving.” Don’t we know that!

9. Hydrating Skin Care: “The air in airplanes is extremely dry, so I’ve started bringing a little kit on board with me to help combat that. I spray a hydrating facial spray every couple of hours, lather my hands with hand cream, and reapply my sunscreen, especially if I’m sitting beside the window!” — Stephanie

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For those long lineups

10. “A folding stool that goes inside a daypack: for when you’re waiting in line and there’s no place to sit. You can usually take it on a plane as a carry-on.” — Wendy B. Find one here.

11. Sit anywhere comfortably: “I arrived at a park only to find all the benches were occupied. I now carry a baby change pad with a pattern on one side and waterproof plastic on the reverse side. It folds up flat into my backpack and is great for damp grass.” — Margaret R.

12. Collapsable Trekking poles: “When I’m visiting the jungle in Honduras, I don’t leave home without my Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles. They are collapsible for travelling, sturdy and lightweight. When walking in the wild, every bit of comfort counts – these poles help to reduce the impact on knees and back, and improve balance on muddy, slippery pathways.” — Deborah, Las Cascadas Lodge. Another option is Trekology, which fold up small and are easy to pack and travel with.

Staying cool while travelling

13. Travel fan: “Always bring a small battery-powered or rechargeable fan that can sit on your nightstand or be held in your hand. You can use it to cool off inside a stuffy hotel room where windows don’t open and AC is minimal. You can also use it to make yourself comfortable after a hike or as a white noise machine in a loud hotel.” — Emilie F.

14. Cool Cloth: “The Cool Cloth is a must! They come in packs of four or more, each with a plastic pouch with a hook to attach to your bag, so the cloth can be kept wet and ready for use in hot temperatures. The Cool Cloth is big enough to drape around the neck, folded or open. It will cover your whole head and can also be worn as a bandanna. I used the cool cloth every day in Spain and here on Vancouver Island during our very hot summer last year. Also, wet wipes are handy to cool off the neck and hands, as well as other parts of the body. — Joy F. Try these ones from Tough Outdoors.

15. Chilly pad: “A Chilly Pad is like a cooling pad that you can sleep on at night. It’s really great.” — Shawna R. Find one here.

Staying comfortable

​16. Dry-wicking underwear: “I only travel with 4-5 pairs of underwear that are all technical, dry-wicking material. Merino wool is a comfortable, quick-dry material that makes for great travel underwear and is lightweight, durable and odour resistant.” — Anne-Marie L.

17. Silk long underwear: “I always take silk long underwear no matter what climate I’m traveling to; very light and wearable under anything. Can use them as PJs if necessary. Even wore them sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon. And yes, order them ahead of time. Winter Silks is a great brand, but my latest set is from Grenasasilk.” — Elena H.

18. Anti-chafing shorts: “I love packing up and heading somewhere warm, but my thighs don’t. With all the walking and/or hiking, my thighs chaff and burn with the combination of heat and sweat. Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts are a must-have in my luggage. They’re made with silky, hi-tech performance fabric that pulls heat and moisture away from the body. Moisture wicking for hot days and very light coverage that doesn’t roll or ride up. They come in multiple lengths and sizes. Great under a sundress.” — Jacquie C.

19. Leggings: “I’m probably behind the curve, but I just discovered the joy of leggings for all seasons. They also pack lighter than jeans and I can dress them up or down. I wore this pair from Spanx several times and they also have tummy control yay!” — Carolyn R.

20. Hydrating Lip Balm: Keep your lips hydrated and protected from dry airplanes and changing climates with a Honey for Healing hydrating lip balm. It also contains SPF 15 to help prevent sunburn while nourishing dry lips.

21. Stay dry: Miriam recommends a Poncho for use with a wheelchair: Try the Longsinger Rain Ponchos, available here and a shower and commode chair: The Go-Anywhere Chair Multi-fold Padded Seat is the perfect answer for turning any uncomfortable seating, like metal bleachers, into a comforting experience.

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For all situations…

22. Apple Watch: Be on time and stay connected with ease with an Apple Watch. Choose a model with GPS capabilities to help with navigation while travelling. They have built-in features like a loud alarm and fall detection to help keep you safe. We like the pink version, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

23. Tinkle Belle: The Tinkle Belle was designed for women who love to get out there and explore without worrying about finding a bathroom or squatting in a bush. Created by a group of adventurous women from Montana, the Tinkle Belle is a discreet stand-to-pee accessory that allows women to pee fully clothed while standing up. Lightweight and foldable, it’s easy to travel with. With no need for a bathroom or toilet paper, the Tinkle Belle is perfect for women who want to explore and adventure without worry.

24. Period underwear: Managing your period when travelling can sometimes be difficult. Tampons can be hard to come by and if travelling for long stretches, it can take a lot of space to pack the necessary amount of period products. Several women recommend period underwear from Knix, which saves you from using little to no pads or tampons.

​25. Diva cup: Another alternative to tampons and pads is the Diva Cup, a reusable and environmentally responsible period cup that is easy to use and pack.

26. Travel bathrobe: What better way to pamper yourself on your travels than a warm shower followed by wrapping yourself in a comfy robe after a long day of exploring? This lightweight robe from Ekouaer comes in lots of colours and packs up nicely for travel.

27. Travel slippers: Show your feet some love with these comfortable and compact memory foam travel slippers. They even come with a travel pouch for ease.

28. Cosmetics travel bag: Fit all your travel toiletries and cosmetics in a high-quality travel bag. We like this one from BagSmart, which has a separate pocket for your jewelry and a built-in hanger so your items are always easily accessible.

29. Gratitude Journal: Take some time to reflect on your travels with a Daily Gratitude Journal. It includes daily affirmations and writing prompts to inspire deep reflection on your day, and what you might want to change moving forward.

30. Weighted Blanket: When you’ve finally arrived home after a long journey, take some time to unwind and relax under a comforting weighted blanket. We like this one from Topcee.

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