What to Wear in Peru

by | Sep 23, 2017

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Peru is a very poor country so it is dangerous (and in bad taste) to show off expensive jewelry, designer clothing, etc. My girlfriend brought an expensive leather jacket which was promptly stolen from our hotel room. There is no need for dressy clothing in Peru because it is a very casual place. In Lima and Cuzco, you may want a skirt or dress to wear to a restaurant, but nothing like a cocktail dress is needed. If you are going to Machu Picchu bring cotton khakis, t-shirts and a fleece for the morning, depending on the time of year. Remember the seasons are opposite of the USA. I went in September so it was coming on spring. The mornings were cool and it got very hot by noon and I would strip down to a t-shirt and jeans. By 3 PM the temperature starting dropping like a rock and by 4 PM I needed my fleece. There aren’t many restrictions about dress in Peru, but if you overdress, you will look out of place. If you are taking a raft ride on the Ollytambo (I recommend it), wear river pants (waterproof khakis) and a pullover rain poncho. I stayed very dry in this gear. If you are hiking, wear sturdy shoes but avoid the heavy hiking boots which will slow you down. I wore Sketchers jammers. Tennis shoes are okay, but there are a lot of rocks and it is rough terrain. Make certain you have shoes with ankle support. Take a small back pack for hiking, you will need it. You will want your hands free for photo taking, etc. Always take spare batteries and plenty of film for your camera because you won’t have any place to buy these things at the ruins. There is literally nothing in Machu Picchu – no vendors, no hawkers, no concession stands after you pass the front gate. Take water and sunscreen — you are at 12000 feet! Also a sun hat with a wide brim and sunglasses are necessary. Bottom line — jeans and t-shirts with a fleece will carry you through most of the trip.

Francesca, Steubenville, USA

I visited Machu Picchu in late November and the daytime temperatures were very warm so I recommend you wear lightweight pants and layer your tops so during the heat of the day you can remove the outer layer. Good tennis shoes are essential. Don’t forget your sunscreen as you can become sunburned very quickly high in the Andes Mountains.

Bridget, Houston, USA

In my visits to Peru I always try to fit in by wearing no name brand stuff like jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirts and I don’t wear a lot of make up…..that’s all I can say. People out there were really nice to me and I never had any trouble with anyone. I loved my visit to Peru.

Julie, Houston, USA

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