The Best Spinner Carry-on Luggage Recommended by Solo Travellers

by | Aug 26, 2022

A woman walks through the airport with her carry on spinner luggage
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Last updated on March 30th, 2024

Featured image: Traveling with only a carry-on is becoming more popular these day | Photo by mstandret on Envato

Seven Recommendations for Lightweight 360 Spinners

By JourneyWoman

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When Susan H. enquired about for recommendations for sturdy 360 spinners, JourneyWoman readers on our private Solo Travel Wisdom Facebook group stepped up to share their wisdom and knowledge. In the ensuing discussion, seven luggage brands rose to the top, with Away as the far and away winner. Whatever the brand, women also recommended packing cubes, and with luggage regularly getting lost or delayed, using  Apple Air Tags is a common theme. We also recommend that you use zip locks or a luggage lock.   

“I love packing cubes. They make my life so much easier” —. Wendy S. 

Packing cubes are the best travel accessory ever. I’ve used them for years. It’s like having a filing cabinet in your suitcase.” — Jacqui B. 

HOT TIP: If you don’t want to deal with checked bags, skis or large items, send your luggage ahead with Luggage Forward, Luggage Forward will pick up your luggage before you leave and deliver it to your destination. Thanks to Gail for this tip! 

Top Seven Recommendations for 360 Spinners

Experienced solo travellers know that moving through an airport and city quickly speaks to confidence and assurance. Why shouldn’t your luggage keep up?  

Here are the seven brands recommended by women for 360 Carry-on Spinners.

#1: Away 

Recommended by several of our readers, including Kim B., Claudette G, and Lisa A., Away’s lightweight carry-ons come in unique colours like teal and petal pink, start at 3.2kg and hold 39L. 

According to Away, its durable polycarbonate hard shell can withstand any journey and they’ll back that claim up with a limited warranty that covers the shell, wheels, handles, zippers. If you’re not satisfied, it can be returned within the first 100 days of purchase. Best of all, it’s sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines and is compact enough for train and car trips. 

The 360° spinner wheels ensure a smooth ride, and its interior compression system and water-resistant laundry bag make it easy to pack all of your essentials. For travelers who want to stay connected while on the go, this line of spinners comes with an ejectable USB charger that can charge your phone up to 4x, is TSA-approved, and safe to fly with.

Prices start at C$345 for the entry-level model up to the aluminum ‘bigger carry-on’ at C$825.

Away white carry on luggage


“I love my Delsey set.” — Barbie L. 

If you’re looking for French elegance and savoir-faire, DELSEY may be for you. In 1970, DELSEY was the first to provide tough luggage with a hard shell offering better protection for travellers’ belongings. In 1972, they added wheels to their hardshell suitcases. 

These durable and light-weight cases  come in both two and four-wheel versions, and are expandable with a TSA lock.  In addition to suitcases, they also offer travel bags, backpacks, toiletries bags, satchels and school bags. 

Carry-on luggage price starts at C$390 in a range of colours and styles.

Delsey Paris Carry On Spinner

#3: Lipault

“I had a Swiss Army standard-sized suitcase for years that I wore to a thread. It had wheels but wasn’t a spinner, however. And, given it was made 20 years ago (Yes, it lasted that long) it was heavier than current fabric choices. I opted into Lipault for my new suitcase and I love it. Got the original 64/25 Spinner — and I got it on sale:) Really lightweight, sturdy, spinner. Check them out. — Ani M. 

The Lipault Plume Cabin Spinner comes in at 2.1 kg/4.8 lbs and has four double wheels for ease of mobility. Unlike some of the other spinners, this Parisian brand is made of nylon, and available in a range of colours (like khaki green) to mix and match with other backpacks and bags. It can be taken on board an aircraft with most airlines and has a TSA lock. Prices start at $245.00.

Lipault Plume Cabin Spinner
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#4: Monos

Designed in Canada and recommended by author Julie Ellis, the Monos Carry-On is designed to fit in the overhead bin of almost any flight, anywhere in the world. With 10 colours ranging from desert taupe to blue haze, it has adjustable telescopic handle with four height settings. 

Weighing in at 7 lb, it’s outfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, TSA-approved lock, 360-degree wheels, vegan leather details, and all-premium materials. There is a limited warranty and products can be returned after 100 days. 

Prices start at $275 CAD with discounts for additional purchases.

Monos Carry On luggage

#5: TUMI

Really expensive, but I splurged and bought a Tumi, best purchase for arthritic hands.— Wendy S. 

Nordstrom Rack online usually has a few Tumi’s for purchase. — Kathleen M.

Designed for the ‘modern traveller’, TUMI takes its name from a Peruvian icon known to its founder from his Peace Corps days in South America. During the 1980’s, TUMI’s innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the company to its current leadership position.  

With both hard and soft canvas carry-ons, TUMI offers both style and substance, making it the envy of most travellers. Prices are steep, starting at C$750 for the Oxford Compact Carry-On right up to the International Carry-on at $3600.

TUMI International Carry On

#6: Samsonite

I love my Samsonite spinners. They are relatively light and hard-shelled. The disadvantage is no outer pockets, but this is outweighed, in my opinion, by the fact that I have never had anything break, including decorative plates and my story teller doll.” — Margaret B. 

Another vote for Samsonite. Whatever you go with, ensure it has sturdy wheels & zip!” — Janet O.

Samsonsite has been around for over 100 years, right back to the days when luggage companies used gorillas and martial artists to promote the durability of their products. In 1993, American Tourister was acquired by Samsonite. 

Samsonsite, 1980s

American Tourister, 1971

With a range of colours and sizes, Samsonite spinners are constructed of 100% polycarbonate, and a customized mesh texture offers excellent scratch-resistance and four multi-directional airflow Spinner wheels for easy rolling 

Price start at $130USD.

Samsonite Carry On

#7: TravelPro

“My new favorite is TravelPro Maxlight 5. It is super light, has 360 spinning with 4 wheels and lots of room!” — Sarah B. 

“I got a TravelPro about 2.5 years ago, so haven’t used it a whole lot (because pandemic) … but it’s great: light, easy to handle, rolls, spins, and has enough room for all my stuff, plus my laptop. The only awkwardness is that most of the inside pockets are up-and-down oriented, so things fall out when you lay the suitcase on its side and open it, but I’m sure I’ll figure out the best arrangement eventually.” — Paula L. 

The most affordable carry-on recommended on this list, TravelPro offers a range of spinners from a compact weekender bag to expandable softside luggage or a hard shell suitcase in a variety of colors. Features include USB A & C ports, laptop storage and built-in organization. Most are designed to fit perfectly in the overhead bins of most major domestic airlines and have ultra-strong wheels led by an adjustable extension handle with comfortable grip. 

Prices start at $170CAD.

TravelPro Maxlight 5 Carry On

Need packing tips for carry-on? 

In our April 2021 webinar on packing tips, Anne McAlpin of Pack It Up With Anne shared her best packing tips with us. Anne recommends using a 3:1 ratio for clothing, and pack no more than three pairs of shoes. McAlpin packs a maximum of three bottoms, pairs each bottom with a selection of three tops, and does laundry on the go. 

“I’m a fitness fanatic who will find a sweaty class to attend in almost any country, so I need more wardrobe variety,” McAlpin says. “I too bring more tops than bottoms, and for trips to warmer climates, dresses pull double-duty. As long as it all fits in my carry-on and leaves room for a purchase or two, I don’t sweat it.” 

Packing for a womans trip to Italy - copyright Freepik

More Tips on Packing

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