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by | Feb 19, 2022

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Last updated on March 31st, 2023

10 inspirational quotes to help you take the first step

By JourneyWoman

When it comes to inspirational quotes about solo travel, there’s no better place to look than JourneyWoman readers.

In these powerful quotes, gathered from JourneyWoman readers, we have the essence of a solo traveller: curious, profoundly adventurous, grateful, generous and above all, courageous. These inspiring quotes are from women with decades of solo travel experience. Women who have broken barriers, challenged the status quo and followed their hearts. Women who look you in the face and tell you it like it is, without artifice (but always with humour), that you need not follow the crowd. You can do it. You can be the woman you want to be.

We hope these inspiring quotes about solo travel help you take the first step! Find more inspiration on our Solo Travel Wisdom group here. 

10 inspiring quotes about solo travel – from women who have been there

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1. “Listen to your heart and travel.” – Evelyn Hannon, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

JourneyWoman founder Evelyn Hannon was a constant source of inspiration for solo travelers everywhere. Read our Tribute to Evelyn here.

listen to your heart and travel
2. “If someone tells you that you are too old or it’s too scary out there on your own, well…you won’t know until you try. Big girl panties – put them on and carry on! You are stronger and wiser than you think!” – Marion Broverman, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

Read “Marion’s Indomitable Spirit”, where she shares her sources of inspiration, including her grandmother.

big girl panties quote
3. “Do not impose your values and traditions on people of other cultures, or sub-cultures within your home country. You are a guest in their culture and as such, respect it with grace and kindness. Participate in this culture as much as you can, with an open mind and heart.” – Jeanne Flaherty, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

Jeanne participated in a recent Solo Travel Wisdom webinar, which you can watch here.

travel with an open mind and heart
4. “It’s easier to connect with the locals when you’re alone.  Go to neighbourhoods that aren’t on the must-see list. Sit at a café, write in a journal, paint a picture. DO something and it will attract people to you.” – Karen Gershowitz, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

Karen is also the author of “Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust”, based on her solo travel experience. Read about her book here.

connect with the locals when you’re alone quote
5. “One day, you will not want to be like your peers, or follow the crowd. You will be joyfully independent, strong enough to be just who you are meant to be, not a carbon copy of any other person. You will have your first taste of international travel when you will be brave enough to get yourself to Italy. It will change your life and the travel seed will be planted.” – Joy Fox, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

Read Joy’s memoir Healing After Heartbreak, about her solo trip to Italy in 1956.

travel will change your life
6. “When I trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, I was lost. Sick and afraid and depleted. And in the weeks of trekking in those heavenly Himalayas, something shifted and cracked open. I fed my soul.” – Jennifer Haddow, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

After. multiple sclerosis diagnosis Jennier Haddow traded in her corporate job for one in adventure travel, becoming the CEO of Wild Women Expeditions. Read her story here.

I fed my soul quote
7. “I definitely was afraid to travel by myself at the beginning. And then I made this leap that allowed me to realize that it’s the things that scare you the most that are probably the ones that are most transformative… it’s a blessing to be able to travel on your own and to be able to make  decisions, meet new people, change your plans, be open to the universe.” – Andrea Sullivan, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller

A passionate traveller, Andrea is the Chief Marketing Officer at VaynerMedia, where she also supports travel-realted causes such as human trafficking and women’s empowerment Andrea participated in a recent Solo Travel Wisdom webinar with us, which you can watch here.

was afraid to travel by myself
8. “When you can embrace the authenticity of a place, you can truly enjoy it. At no time was I ever worried about my safety. I felt like an explorer in an undiscovered, lush country. Live in the moment, don’t stress the small stuff and you’ll find your way, eventually.” – Carolyn Ray, JourneyWoman CEO

As the CEO of JourneyWoman, Carolyn seeks to inspire women to follow their intuion and take the first step toward living the life of their dreams. Read “Five Lessons Learned in Living in Mexico Durig the Pandemic.” 


was afraid to travel by myself
9. “NO. Is a full sentence.” – Lorna Selig, Self-Defence Expert and Trainer

As CEO of Safe4Life, Lorna Selig has been teaching self-defense for nearly 17 years. Read her tips for women to defend themselves here.

no is a full sentence

10. “Explore the world. Broaden your horizons, meet new people, view beautiful nature, hike mountains, hills and trails, experience joy and happiness, learn new languages. In the meantime, read books, watch films, plan voyages and then go. Have fun.” – Pattie, JourneyWoman and Solo Traveller 

explore the world

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