RISE Travel Institute Partners with JourneyWoman to Create More Sustainable and Inclusive Travel Experiences for Women 50+

by | Dec 15, 2023

Rise Institute Diversity and Education training
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Last updated on December 29th, 2023

Lead image: JourneyWoman’s new partnership with RISE Travel Institute is focused on women creating meaningful change in travel / Photo via Envato by micens.

JourneyWoman and RISE Travel Institute partner to advance community-based travel

RISE Travel Institute is partnering with JourneyWoman to offer the RISE Travel Institute Flagship Program to members in the JourneyWoman’s Women’s Travel Directory, the largest marketplace for women-owned and women-friendly travel businesses in the world.  Partners in JourneyWoman’s directory include over 100 women-friendly companies, offering hundreds of curated tours, retreats, places to stay and small ship expeditions. (JourneyWoman does not book or operate tours.)

Through this educational partnership, JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Directory members can enroll in a 10-week program curriculum, which will help them create more responsible, impactful, sustainable and ethical travel experiences. The curriculum includes sessions led by qualified instructors on topics such as understanding sustainability, inclusivity, decolonizing travel experiences, animals in tourism, biodiversity, climate change, voluntourism, and photography with intention. All graduates will receive a co-branded certificate in sustainable travel education with a unique anti-oppression lens. Learn more here. 

“As women-owned and women-led businesses, we know that sustainable travel isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s a business imperative,” says Vincie Ho, Ph.D., Founder, RISE Travel Institute. “Through this partnership, JourneyWomen Travel Directory members can create more meaningful experiences that show that travel can be a force for positive change for travelers, ecosystems, and communities around the world.”

“I’m thrilled to announce this partnership with RISE Travel Institute, because I know how important sustainability and inclusivity are to our partners and to women 50+ travellers,” says Carolyn Ray, CEO, JourneyWoman. “Our most recent survey shows that our Travel Directory partners are already leading the way when it comes to creating inclusive, sustainable and community-focused businesses. This curriculum will help them further elevate their offerings and differentiate their businesses in a meaningful way.”

Members of the Directory should contact Tom Zara at [email protected] for more information or to receive the discount code. If your business is not in the Directory, you can start the verification process here.

RISE Institute need for traveler education

RISE Travel Institute envisions a world where travel is a force for positive transformation for both travelers, ecosystems, and communities around the world / Photo credit RISE Travel Institute

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About the JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Directory

Provided as a free service to women travellers, the JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Directory is the only global resource to help women plan safe, women-friendly travel, including tours, retreats, small ships and accommodations. Members are vetted and verified, and include over 100 partners and women-owned businesses, including start-ups, mid-size businesses and larger global brands such as Intrepid Trafalgar Insight Vacations, Wild Women Expeditions, Girls’ Guide to the World, Wheel the World, Swan Hellenic and European Experiences.  To read more about the Directory, click here.

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