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Founded in 1994 by Evelyn Hannon, JourneyWoman™ has inspired a sisterhood of women travellers for over 25 years. A platform for sharing real travel experiences and empowering women, it is recognized as one of the world's top-ranked women's travel resources. Today, 55,000 women around the world belong to our Journeywoman Community.

This is where the Female Travel Revolution Began.

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"Now more than ever, the world needs us, and it needs our unique brand of authenticity."
Carolyn Ray, CEO, JourneyWoman


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The fears we overcome on the path to learning and growth.
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Celebrating the Original JourneyWoman, Evelyn Hannon - and Looking Ahead

In April 2019, Evelyn Hannon, founder of JourneyWoman, passed away after a three-year warrior-strong battle with cancer. But JourneyWoman will carry on with a new CEO and Publisher, Carolyn Ray.


Safe Travels, Evelyn Hannon

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