Jules Torti
Jules Torti is the former Editor-in-Chief of Harrowsmith magazine. She now works as a content creator at-large for Wild Women Expeditions and has been published in Cottage Life, Our Homes, The Vancouver Sun, Canadian Running, FASHION, The Globe and Mail and Massage Therapy Canada. Yeah, she wears a lot of hats--most of them backwards. She is also the author of four books: Free to a Good Home: With Room for Improvement (Caitlin Press), Trail Mix: 920km on the Camino de Santiago (Rocky Mountain Books), Been There, Ate That: A Candy-coated Childhood (winner of the 2021 Pottersfield Press Creative Non-Fiction Prize) and The Wisdom Found in Hen's Teeth (Pottersfield Press).
Currently located: Lion's Head, Ontario
Next trip: Road trip to Saugatuck, Michigan
Favourite destination: Michamvi Peninsula, Zanzibar

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