Six Unique Solo Trips for Women for 2023 That Blend Adventure, Learning and Exploration

by | Jan 11, 2023

Panoramic view in Barrea, province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy.
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Last updated on April 1st, 2024

Featured image: A panoramic view of Barrea in Abruzzo, Italy | Phot0 by essevu on Shutterstock

Six solo trips for adventurous, curious women

As we look to our first solo trips of 2023,  what better way to make travel more meaningful than with experiences that blend adventure, exploring and learning?  These women-only trips in the South of France, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, and Morocco, are designed to reshape our perspective, strengthen our connections and deepen our conviction about the role of women in the world.  Even better, all are easily reachable from North America or Europe. 

If you’re new to solo travel, joining a group tour with other women is a great way to take that first step into solo travel. The tour operators featured understand that women over 50 have unique requirements including value for money, sustainability, safety, and mobility and accessibility.  

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Two woman and young man look at goods in Bali marketplace

Photo provided by Jan Cornall, Writers Journey

1. Morocco: A Creative Retreat in the Sahara  (February 2023)

Using the Moroccan star as her map and guiding light, Jan Cornall of Writers Journey has created an inspiring trip called “Moroccan Caravan: A Creative Retreat in the Sahara.”

This guided itinerary women through creative explorations using the eight-pointed star and meditative techniques to take creative explorations to new and unexpected places. With the shifting Saharan landscape, daily workshops begin in Tangier, followed by two days in the blue city of  Chefchaouen and the ancient city of Fes.  The destination is an artist’s retreat in the Saharan village of Tissardine owned and run by Australian artist Karen Hadfield.

“Travel and creativity are perfect partners —both require courage and curiosity. When you put yourself outside the predictability of your nine-to-five life and open yourself to new experiences, new cultures, new ways of thinking — your creative self is immeasurably stimulated. But the best way to open to the journey is to explore the inner landscapes as well. The stories we gather on our travels become precious stepping stones to a new creative self.” – Jan Cornall, CEO, Writers Journey

Moroccan Caravan runs from February 3 – March 8. Learn more here.

Group of women sitting around long table; Via Sabra

Photo provided by Deb Zaluda

2. Israel: A Creative, Culinary, and Spiritual Journey  (February 2023)

In this trip just for women, Deb Zalubda from Via Sabra combines the special energy generated by a group of women and the spiritual, culinary, creative, and natural abundance of Israel.

This unique experience, called ‘Shefa’ provides women the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of Israel in the company of like-minded travellers, while meeting those who are making a difference in this eclectic country, all while supporting small business vendors, local tour guides, charitable causes, and environmental efforts.

“Led by Chef Shawna Goodman, [Shefa] has become a legacy for women all over the world, and fosters a unique connection to Israel,” says Deb Zaluda, Chief Growth Officer, Via Sabra.

Shefa runs from February 14 to 23, 2023. Learn more about Via Sabra here.

Abruzzo - Voyagiste

Photo provided by The Voyagiste

3. Italy: Celebrating Menopause and Perimenopause (April 2023)

This weeklong trip with Founder of The Voyagist Natasha Muslih and Jenn Salib Huber, a Registered Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor and intuitive eating advocate,  is all about food joy and body joy in perimenopause and menopause. It includes two nights in Rome and the rest in beautiful Abruzzo, moving, exploring and eating together, leaving women renewed, inspired and ready to thrive.

While acknowledging the downsides to midlife, Muslih and Huber believe that this time in our lives can also be an opportunity to find food freedom and body confidence. Why not start that journey in a gorgeous villa in Italy, with a group of kindred souls.

“This trip is designed for people who are in perimenopause and menopause and is all about body joy and food joy: loving the way we feel in our bodies and eating the way we love. We’ll spend a week moving, exploring and eating together, while learning to understand the hormonal changes that are happening within us and redefine our relationship with food leaving us renewed, inspired and ready to thrive.” — Natasha Muslih, CEO, The Voyagiste

This trip runs from April 22 – 29, 2023, starting in Rome. Learn more about The Voyagiste here.

Group of women with different ages and ethnicities having fun walking in foggy forest - Adventure and travel people concept

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4. France: Connecting to Your Divine Energy in the South of France (June 2023)

The Divine Destination Collections eight-day journey in France traces Mary Magdalene’s fabled footsteps to little-known Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage site and enchanting Aix-en-Provence. Mary Magdalene is said to have arrived in France after the crucifixion and lived and worked as a teacher and healer. Although the truth and origins of these accounts are unprovable, her life in the South of France is fascinating and intriguing, making her an archetype of the divine feminine.

“Exploring the lore and mystery of Mary Magdalene in the beautiful surroundings of the South of France is an extraordinary journey that will encourage our travelers to open themselves up to self-discovery and new possibilities,” says Deb Niven, Visionary and Connection Maker, The Divine Destination Collection.

Sacred South of France – The Mystery of Mary Magdalene exclusive trip runs on June 5 – 12, 2023. More information can be found here.

South of France

Carcassonne Cité médiévale / Photo by Paul Palau

5. Jordan: Share in the culture of Jordanian women (March – June, September and October 2023) 

On this women-only adventure from Intrepid Travel, travellers are granted access to a side of life seldom seen by tourists while developing a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern women – with full respect for their traditional cultural values. This eight-day women’s expedition breaks the barriers of traditional tourism and creates sisterhood in this inspiring desert nation.

Learn the art of henna, relax at a female-only beach, float in the Dead Sea and visit stunning Petra. Learn about traditional marriage from a professional matchmaker, pick up local cooking tips from unsung experts, enjoy afternoon teas and chit-chat with local women.  

Learn more about Intrepid Travel here.

Petra, the UNESCO world heritage city in Jordan

Petra, the UNESCO world heritage city in Jordan

6. Mexico: Women’s Work in the Oaxacan Highlands (October 2023)

Corazón Journeys crafts social justice-focused travel experiences to help travelers understand the issues impacting the world while providing financial support and service to communities in need. Led by founder Debbie DuPey, this innovative tour celebrates Oaxaca’s Indigenous cultures, including the Zapotecs and the Mixtec people, who proudly preserve their traditional dance, arts, cooking, and festivals.

“My heart-felt belief is when like-minded people around the world come together we can create a more beautiful, compassionate global community!” Debbie DuPey, CEO, Corazon Journeys

On this trip, women will meet women activists and artists who are challenging the patriarchy, determining innovative ways to design and market their traditional arts, and building their communities through sustainable farming. There will be also visits to museums, galleries, artists’ studios and community festivals.

Learn more about Corazon Journeys and this unique experience here.

Oaxaca, Mexico, the gateway to Indigenous villages 

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