Last updated on March 13th, 2024

2024 JourneyWoman Editorial Calendar

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JourneyWoman 2024 Editorial Calendar: Travel as an Adventure

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January 2024:  Monthly newsletter: Travel as an Adventure (January 8): Places that inspire curiosity / Special mailings:  Arctic with Wild Women Expeditions* (January 16) Wellness Travel + Retreats (January 19), Train Travel (January 26) / Webinars: 30 Places: The Arctic with Wild Women Expeditions (January 11) / Human Trafficking and Travel (January 23)

February 2024:  Monthly newsletter: The Love Issue: How travel helps us find ourselves (February 2) / Special mailings:  Walking + Hiking Tours (February 16) / Webinars:  Meet our Writers (February 14), 30 Places: Europe in the Off-season – Unique Experiences (February 27) / Travel Book Club: The Storied Life of AJ Fikry, Set in USA (February 21)/ Things She Loves: Valentines Day Self-Love Issue

March 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Women in Travel / International Women’s Day (March 8) / Special mailings:  Culinary Travel (March 19), Art, Textile and Photography Tours (March 26) / Webinars: Transformational Travel /Wellness (March 12) / Special event: JourneyWoman Toronto Celebration (TBD)

April 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Travel that Transforms us / Widows / Managing Grief (April 5) / Special mailings:  Safaris (April 12), Biking and Cycling (April 26) // Webinars: 30 Places: Travel in Africa and the Middle East in the Off-season (April 23), Women’s Expeditions with Intrepid (April 30) 

May 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Travel that Teaches us: Places that inspire learning, challenge and shift our perception (May 3)/ Special mailings: Accessible Travel (May 10) /30 Places: North America (May 24) Webinars; 30 Places: North America (May 28)/ Travel Book Club: Dust Child, set in Vietnam (May 15)

June 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Solo Travel at home: Finding joy in our own neighbourhoods (June 7)/ Special mailings and Webinars: 30 Places: South America in the Off-season (June 25)

July 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Solo Travel on a Budget (July 5)/ Special mailings and Webinars: India (July TBD)

August 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Expedition Ship Travel (August 9)/ Special mailings and Webinars:  Oceania and Asia (TBD) / Travel Book Club: The Widows of Malabar Hill, set in India (August 21)

September 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Planning for Long Stays and Off-Season Travel (September 6)/ Special mailings: Christmas Markets (September 13) / Polar Travel (September 27)/ Webinars: 30 Places: The Caribbean in the Off-season (September 24)

October 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Overcoming Fear/ Solo Travel Safety / Cybersecurity Month (October 4)/ Special mailings and Webinars TBD

November 2024: Monthly newsletter: Volunteering, Animal Conservation and Service Trips (November 8)/ Special mailings and Webinars TBD / Travel Book Club: The Crimson Thread, set in Greece (November 20)/ Special event: JourneyWoman 30th Anniversary Expedition Cruise with Swan Hellenic

December 2024: Monthly newsletter:  Best of 2023 (December 6)/ Special mailings and Webinars TBD


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