JourneyWoman Webinar: Travel to France and Italy With Best-Selling Authors on March 26

by | Mar 19, 2024

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Last updated on April 24th, 2024

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Join our webinar to meet four best-selling authors

While a book makes a perfect travel companion, traveling with its author is even better. All of that is possible with a new travel concept developed by Nancy McGee of Absolutely Southern France that brings women together on trips with best-selling authors — including Patricia Sands, Jules Larimore, Steena Holmes and Cheryl Jamison. Hosted against the stunning backdrops of France and Italy – two of the world’s most desirable destinations – McGee hopes to bring beloved places to life in new ways for her clients.

“Traveling with a celebrity adds a touch of glamour to an already rich cultural experience,” says Nancy McGee, Founder, Absolutely Southern France. “Our France and Italy tours are carefully curated with the author to ensure no day is ever the same. Even if you’re not familiar with the author’s works, the days will be filled with memorable experiences such as exploring historical sites, participating in culinary workshops and wine tastings, browsing the markets for local crafts and even being a source of inspiration for the author’s next novel.”

When: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

When:  2 pm EST (check local time zones here)

Where: Zoom! Sign up below for the link. Capacity is 100 women.

The session will be recorded and shared on our YouTube channel for those who can’t join us.

Just for JourneyWoman Readers, Absolutely Southern France is offering a 150 Euro discount with the code JOURNEYWOMAN24.

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 Webinar Participants

Hosted by Carolyn Ray, Editor, JourneyWoman, participants include:

  • Nancy McGee, Founder, Absolutely Southern France, who created these trips with authors to France and Italy and has found them so popular  that they conpany is expanding to Morocco, Belgium and Austria in 2025;
  • Canadian author Patricia Sands, whose best-selling books include Love in Provence trilogy, Drawing Lessons and her latest release, The Secrets We Hide , that inspire women to explore Provence; 
  • Author Steena Holmes, whose Love at the Chocolate Shop series includes Charmed by Chocolate and Captured by Chocolate, inspiring chocolate-themed “Sweet Tour” tours in Paris and the Amalfi Coast;
  • Historical fiction author Jules Larimore, whose  best-selling novel The Muse of Freedom bring women to Languedoc, France, the site of the magical Castelbouc, the ancient menhirs of Les Bondons, the home of protagonist Jean Pierre Bondurant in medieval Genolhac, and the intimidating Château du Portes;
  • Cheryl Jamison, a four-time James Beard Book Award winner and one of the United States’ premier food writers, who hosts culinary tours to Amalfi Coast and Provence. 

Nancy McGee and Cheryl Jamison / Photo credit Absolutely Southern France

Patricia Sands and Nancy McGee / Photo credit Absolutely Southern France

Steena Holmes and Cheryl Jamison / Photo credit Absolutely Southern France

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