Mothers tell daughters about travel

by | Apr 13, 2017

Mother and daughter taking selfie on the beach
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Last updated on March 20th, 2024

Passing travel advice down to future generations

by Debra Hubner

Originally published 2013

When we asked our fabulous JourneyWomen around the world to finish this thought in 50 words or less: ‘If I had a daughter, this is what I would tell her about travel…’, we received so much inspiring and motivating advice from moms and would-be moms to share with our network of remarkable women travellers. Not surprisingly, many of you said to just go out there and “Do it!”

We think these pearls of wisdom capture the essence of travel so well and prove once again that sometimes Mother does indeed know best. Enjoy reading, and remember to pack a couple of these wonderful sentiments on your next trip. But why wait? Daughters and daughters-in-law are travelling all the time and can take these wishes along on their own adventures.

If I had a daughter, I would tell her this about travel…

DO IT! As often as you can, to wherever you can. Never pass up an opportunity to experience somewhere new, even if just two streets away. (Jane, Erie, USA)

Travel is one of the best educations you can get. You experience the world, people, cultures and beauty. Enjoy it with an open mind and heart to humankind. (Allison)

I would tell my daughter to not be afraid to travel by herself, to throw caution to the wind, and take advantage of every opportunity to see this beautiful world. (Barbara, Lancaster, Ohio, USA)

It would be a memory. A memory of a travelling realization that made family the sweetest thing to me. A reminder to her of why she is more important to me than any ‘freedom’ or ‘adventures’ that life without children brings. (Anna G. Joujan, Boston, USA)

Go to places you have always dreamed of and don’t be afraid to take chances to be different. Travel wisely, research & budget well, keep a journal, take lots of pictures and most of all, ENJOY. (Bev, Toronto, Canada)

Travel teaches you to be the person you are, not the person you think you should be. (Eileen, Boston, USA)

It is normal to feel afraid at the beginning; use this to push yourself forward. Do not care that much about makeup and if your hair looks crappy, but be sure to wear sunblock even on cloudy days. The wealthiest path one can achieve is travelling, so enjoy it. (Daphnee, Berlin, Germany)

I named my daughter after the legendary pilot Amelia Earheart because I wanted her to be brave and travel. I would tell my daughter that this is a big diverse world that we live in and I want her to travel and be part of the world. (Raylene)

Travel will empower, educate and entertain you. Scan for danger, wear a hidden money belt. Don’t get into cars with strangers but chatting with them in museums is OK. Remember that you have sisters in every country; they are the source of information on what is safe, proper and interesting. (Carol, Santa Rosa, USA)

More travel advice…

People choose to make their world bigger, or smaller. Be attracted to anything that makes your world better and bigger, as your mind can handle it, and your soul will thrive on it. (Cherie, Burnaby, Canada)

I would wholeheartedly stimulate her to undertake a long world trip ASAP. She should start with Asia: safe, friendly and honest people, magnificent culture and nature, great varied healthy food. She should not go with a male companion as it changes the perception. Travelling is truly living! (Helga, Asse, Belgium)

See the world, let yourself unravel. Keep your mind open to opportunities, stay safe. Climb mountains, walk treks, ride waves. Do ring home, we can send you a parcel. (Helen, Newcastle, UK)

Everything seems more romantic in Paris! Even if you find romance there, try to keep your wits about you and return home single! Everything is just so tempting there. (Gisele, Toronto, Canada)

Research restrictions/customs. Only pack what you can’t replace. Ship ahead if you have a lot or will be at several destinations. Go and talk where the locals are. Keep an open mind, be flexible. (Theresa, Valparaiso, USA)

Have adventures, keep safe. The memories you create can never be taken away from you, and will bring you a lifetime of joy. You will make lifelong friends from near and far. Keep a diary and revisit your travels throughout your life. Travel will forever change and enrich you. (Alison, Edmonton, Canada)

DO IT! Travel anywhere and everywhere. Experience cultures and customs. Meet people. Taste foods. Enjoy the world. There is nothing like travel to open your mind and to help connect all of us. (Clare, New York City, USA)

Travel means T for Time and Tenacity, R for Respect and A for Adventure. V is for Variety, E is for Encounters and Evolving, L is for Loneliness and Love. (Maddalena, Dublin, Ireland)

Travel is like picking up a good book. Step out of your own world, go back in history, emerge in other cultures. Be amazed, realize this is your world, enjoy and take care of it. (Constance, Stouffville, Canada)

Have fun, expand your horizons and involve yourself in the history of the places you visit. The world is an exciting place so dip your toes in the waters and let it teach you new and wonderful things… have lots of adventures. (Sylvia, Riviera Beach, USA)

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I would tell my daughter this about travel…

Don’t be scared. It is important to be smart and alert but most people in this world are good and trustworthy. Learn and experience as much as you can! Downtime is important on every trip but you need to make the most of every day. Go with the flow! (Elaine, Maastricht, Netherlands)

Travel allows you to become more outgoing or even silly. Email copies of your passport, credit cards and critical numbers. Not knowing the language is not an excuse to hide. Make mistakes, use hand gestures, draw pictures, smile and laugh at yourself. Travel light and remember — everything goes with black. (Linda, St. Charles, Illinois, USA)

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It builds character, self-reliance and self-esteem. (J’Amy, Santa Barbara, USA)

Do it whilst you can. Don’t put it off for another day – go when each opportunity arises. (Judy, Goulburn, Australia)

‘Stuff’ wears out or breaks, memories don’t. Spend your money on travel. (Jessie, Spokane Valley, USA)

Go enjoy the sights and people of the world on wings, water, wheels, or foot! Bring back stories to share with me when I can no longer go myself. (Jan, Morgan Hill, USA)

Just do it! (Melinda, Nashville, USA)

Every day is an adventure. Adventure travel can be as far as the other side of the world or as near as a wrong turn in your hometown. Life and travel are what we make them. Keep your bag light and smile. Let your heart take you. (Carolyn, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Be brave. Know that the world is really quite small and we all have so much more in common than indifference. Get out there and see it and experience it. (Louise, Brisbane, Australia)

Never be afraid to go somewhere on your own. People everywhere are generous, fun and can teach you something you did not know. (Evelyn, Ottawa, Canada)

For daughters and god-daughters everywhere…

Travel for fun, be bold, be brave!
Travel to learn, share ideas and rave!
Travel to earn and enjoy the art!
But remember to travel with care and stay smart!
Travel to live, to love and to laugh
Travel, make friends, be courageous and dare
But make sure you always stay safe and aware!
Travel and pay forward to someone in need,
As some day they may return the deed.
Make sure you stay safe and keep on your toes!
You just never know when you will receive that rose!
Submitted by Liz Sauter in Toronto, Canada.

mother daughter at sunset on the beach

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