Women-Only Solo Travel Trips to Make You Feel Lucky (March 2023)

by | Mar 17, 2023

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Last updated on March 28th, 2024

Featured image: March could be your lucky month by seleznev_photos

10 solo trips for adventurous, curious women

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This month, we feature women-only solo travel trips from the JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Directory.  These 10 women-friendly and women-only tours from Trafalgar Travel and Insight Vacations are designed for women by women — so you can be sure they understand your unique needs and thirst for new adventures.

In response to the growth in women’s solo travel, both Trafalgar and Insight’s women-only tours include customized itineraries to Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Spain and France, to name a few. With price points starting around $3,000 USD, these tours are affordable options for women on a budget or are exploring solo travel for the first time.

Featured destinations im March include Egypt, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Portugal, Scandinavia, Scotland and Spain. We also want to remind you how important it is to purchase travel insurance. Check prices on insuremyflight.com.

Space is limited! Now is the time to take that once in a lifetime trip.


Featured Women-Only Solo Travel Trips

Enchanting Emerald Isles - Ireland - Trafalgar Travel

1. Enchanting Emerald Isles (June 4 – 11, 2023)

8 Day Ireland Tour of Dublin, Galway, Killarney and Kilkenny

The dreamy Emerald Isles await on this girls trip of Ireland. Visit historic and cultural sights, kiss the Blarney Stone, tour the mountains of Connemara and indulge in a family-made dinner with the O’Connells – a trip of a lifetime that’s sure to bring you good luck!

Corfu - Trafalgar Travel

2. Secrets of Greece & Corfu (April through April, 2023 & 2024)

14 Day Greece Sightseeing Tour of Athens, Meteora, Delphi & Santorini

A great escape awaits women on “The Secrets of Greece & Corfu”, hosted by Trafalger. This women-only experience delves into the rich history, food and culture of this sunny, sea-side country. If rubbing elbows with the locals, touring a working olive farm, and exploring ancient sights such as Mycenae, Olympia and Delphi, then this trip is for you!

Trip dates run April through August, with availability in 2023 and 2024.

solo travel trips italy woman

Photo provided by Trafalgar Travel

3. Northern Italy including Cinque Terre (April through September, 2023 & 2024)

8 Day Northern Italy Tour of Milan, Cinque Terre and the Italian Lakes

Northern Italian cities can be known for their luxury and opulence and you will be equally in awe of the cobbled streets and brightly coloured buildings that make up Italy’s Lake District. Travel to the Italian Riveria with Trafalgar for a gourmet-filled encounter, a sumptuous trip filled with the fine flavours the country has come to be celebrated for.

Scottish Highlands - Trafalgar Travel

Photo by Gabriela Palai on Unsplash

4. Highland Trail Inspired by Outlander (July 3 – 15, 2023)

13 Day Scotland Outlander Tour from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Romantic plotline and intricate historical garb aside, the rolling landscapes of Edinburgh and Glasgow set a stunning backdrop for Outlander the series. Allow yourself to be transported to a different place and time when you join Trafalgar on this women-only adventure inspired by the time-bending love affair of the series protagonists Claire and Jamie.

This is a small group tour that will give travellers a chance to see a different side of Scotland while taking in notable film locations, the infamous Scottish Highlands, Orkney Islands and the Isle of Skye.

Iceland - Insight Vacations

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

5. Inspiring Iceland (July 7 – 16, 2023)

Discover Iceland’s Outstanding Natural Beauty and Traditions, on a 10-Day Guided Tour

From the quirky backstreets of Reykjavik to the plains of Thingellvier, this 10-day guided tour will introduce you to the “Land of Fire and Ice”, a destination that consistantly tops dream travel trip lists.

Slow down and experience the Icelandic way of life – meet local horse breeders, biologists and master brewers working to preserve their culture and land. Sample spirulina icecream, and learn about how they’re leading the way in sustinable practicies.

Chat with the passionate and creative women who help fuel change in this country, and discover the heartbeat of Iceland along the way.

Scandinavia - Trafalgar Travel

Photo provided by Trafalgar Travel

6. Scenic Scandinavia & it’s Fjords ((August 3 – 16, 2023)

14 Day Scandinavian Tour of Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Your travels on this women’s only tour will reveal the storybook beauty and colourful history of Scandinavia. On this Scandinavian trip, you’ll see the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen come to life, hop aboard one of Europe’s most exciting train journeys and learn about farm life near Bergen with your new friends by your side.

Portugal - Trafalgar Travel

7. Great Iberian Cities (September 24 – October 2, 2023)

9 Day Spain and Portugal Women Only Tour of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville & Lisbon

Enjoy a lovely, meandering tour from Portugal through Spain with likedminded women by your side. Gaudi’s Barcelona, the “Golden Age of Discoveries” in Lisbon – on this scenic tour you will be exposed to the great cultures of these countries to entice every sense, including sweet sangria in Andalusia.

Italy Bellisimo - Trafalgar Travel

8. Italy Bellissimo (October 1 – 11, 2023)

Food and culture are an integral part of the Italian way of life, and Trafalgar invites you to channel your inner Diane Lane on their Women-Only trip, “Italy Bellissimo” (Beautiful Italy).

This 11-day journey starts (and ends) in Rome, the ‘Eternal City’, for art and history before introducing you to Capri, Assisi, Tuscany, Venice and Florence.

Egypt - Trafalgar Travel

9. Best of Egypt (October 11 – 19, 2023)

9 Day Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise

A wonder of the world, Egypt evokes a sense of excitement and intrigue. Considered a cradle of civilization for its complex culture and vast contribution to art, there’s much to be discovered. Visit the mystical Pyramid of Giza, the Tomb of the Nobles, the Sphinx, and cruise the Nile past pharaonic temples.

Awaken your inner explorer among the lush river valleys and golden desert landscapes of Egypt.

Jordan - Trafalgar Travel

Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash

5. Jordan Experience (October 19 – 24, 2023)

6-Day Jordan Tour of Amman & Petra

Visit Jordan and walk the path of the ancients. The once sprawling capital of the Nabataean kingdom, you’ll marvel at the intricate metropolis carved into the reddish cliffs. roam stunning natural landscapes to world-renowned sites, this trip will fuel your curiosity into the history of humanity while giving you the chance to experience Middle Eastern culture first hand.

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