JourneyWoman’s 30th Anniversary Kicks Off in Toronto on June 14

by | May 12, 2024

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Lead image: Get your red boots ready! Our 30th anniversary celebration kicks off in Toronto on June 14/ Photo via Envato

Honouring 30 years of solo women’s travel

JourneyWoman’s 30th anniversary celebrations officially kick off in Toronto, Canada on June 14, 2024.  We’re starting with a special event at the Bata Shoe Museum, from 1-3 pm ET, to honour Evelyn Hannon and her iconic red boots. 

“Toronto is where Evelyn lived, and where JourneyWoman began, so it makes sense to start here,” says Carolyn Ray, JourneyWoman CEO. “Evelyn loved shoes, fashion and all things red, so we’re inviting eveyrone to join us in their favourite red outfits and boots to celebrate her impact on our lives and on women’s travel. Without Evelyn, many believe there would be no women’s solo travel industry. So many women were inspired by her courage, not only to travel, but to start their own websites and blogs. She was the first.”  

There’s more to come this year, including the launch of the JourneyWoman Foundation in June, the recipients of the JourneyWoman Awards for Women Over 50 in September, and a special 30th Anniversary trip to South Africa In November. To see all the activities we’re planning, please visit this page.

Bata Shoe Museum Event in Toronto – June 14, 2024, Open house 1- 3 pm ET

woman standing near floating gate in Japan

Evelyn Hannon, the original JourneyWoman / Photo credit Evelyn Hannon

Carolyn outside the Bata Shoe Museum with Evelyn's boots

Carolyn Ray at the Bata Museum with Evelyn’s boots in 2020 / Photo credit Carolyn Ray

Join us for a special celebration in Toronto

Four years ago,  Evelyn’s iconic red boots were accepted into the Bata Shoe Museum‘s permanent collection, as a symbol of women’s empowerment and Canadian ingenuity. Evelyn started JourneyWoman in 1994 and is regarded by women in the travel industry as one of the first solo female travel writers in the world. Recognized for her dedication and her role in empowering women to travel safely, she was particularly beloved by older women who saw her as a source of inspiration at a time when women didn’t travel alone and lacked female travel mentors.

“We appreciate the story of Evelyn’s boots and how they manifest one woman’s dream to inspire and empower women,“ said Nishi Bassi, Manager of Exhibitions and Assistant Curator, the Bata Shoe Museum. “We strive to showcase footwear that is unique, memorable and leaves its mark on the world, and we are excited about this donation.”

Come to our open house between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, tour the Bata Museum Exhibit and connect with other JourneyWomen. This is an open house, so come anytime between 1:00 pm and 3:00 p.m. Wear your favourite boots and something red! And if you have any newsletters from the past, bring those too! 

Reduced tickets are available but need to be confirmed and purchased in advance. The deadline to RSVP is May 24.

Journey Woman acquired by Carolyn Ray

Carolyn Ray and Evelyn’s daughter Erica Ehm with Evelyn’s iconic red boots and an original JourneyWoman Magazine / Photo credit Carolyn Ray

Meet Joy Fox, JourneyWoman Evelyn Hannon Solo Travel Award recipient 

In addition to celebrating Evelyn and JourneyWoman, Joy Fox, 89, our first JourneyWoman Evelyn Hannon Solo Travel Award recipient is joining us from British Columbia. 

Fox’s boundless energy is astonishing, and her ability to share a story that helps you feel connected is legendary. As a member of the JourneyWoman community since 2005, Fox first travelled solo in 1956 from England to Italy, a story she shared in an article she penned called Healing After Heartbreak in June 2020. While that trip didn’t turn out as expected, it instilled in her the confidence to travel solo — she’s never looked back since.

“I’m never lonely when I travel solo,” she says. “I talk, smile and ask questions. I think there is great freedom in being a solo traveller and I plan to keep going and see everything.”

You can read more about Joy here.



Joy fox wearing a floral sweater

Joy Fox in 2023 / Photo provided by Joy Fox 

Special thanks to our 30th anniversary sponsors and supporters

To learn more about Toronto, visit our Toronto City Guide here. 

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More on our 30th Anniversary

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