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The Reinvention of Lisbon, Europe’s Other ‘City of Light’

While the beauty and appeal of the historic capital of Portugal never fails to impress, contemporary Lisbon is home to an ever-emerging range of art and design centers set in hip, refurbished warehouses, walled medieval castles, gothic cathedrals, historic theaters, lively cafes, and intimate tascas.


Lisbon’s World-Class Museums Offer a Feast of Cultural Treasures

Contributing writer Sally Peabody shares her favorite Lisbon museums, including the Calouste Gulbenkian including the National Museum of Azulejos, and the Casa Museu Medeiros e Almeida and newer contemporary museums.


Seduced by Seville: the Charm of its Festivals, Palacios and Tapas

Travel writer Sally Pabody shares her inside tips to create the perfect itinerary in Seville, a blend of art, architecture, tapas, a garden, wandering, and music or dance. With so much to see, serendipities abound, and getting a bit lost is part of the fun.

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