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Our Featured Destination: Mexico + the Caribbean

Where to Eat and Explore in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is located in the far eastern part of Guanajuato in central Mexico. Older adults flock here to escape the cold winter months at home.

Practical Tips to Help You Prepare for a Solo Trip to Cuba

Donna Star, author of Cuba for Mama: A Daughter’s Journey 2016: Travel Tales & Tips, shares her tips on preparing for a solo trip to Cuba

A Taste of Mexico From Chef Jose Hadad

Jose Hadad, Chef and founder of Mad Mexican restaurant, shares a taste of Mexico with this traditional recipe, along with a wine pairing from expert Erin Henderson, Founder of The Wine Sisters.

Preparing and Planning for an Earthquake: Safety Tips

Carolyn Ray shares the tips she learned for preparing for an earthquake while travelling to countries prone to natural disaster.

Step back into colonial history in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, Ponce is often referred to as La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South) or La Ciudad de los Leones (City of Lions). It was first discovered in 1692, and is named for Juan Ponce de León y Loayza, the great-grandson of Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce De León.

Pride, Resilience & Community in Puerto Rico

From San Juan to Vieques to Ponce, Puerto Rico, I saw signs of pride, resilience and community.

Strolling the Blue Cobbled Streets of San Juan

Journeywoman publisher Carolyn Ray learns about mixes history, culture, and cuisine as she explores the cobble-stoned streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Volunteering With World Kitchen on a Farm in Puerto Rico

As JourneyWomen, we have an opportunity to create a positive impact in the world when we travel. Being in Puerto Rico post-Maria gave me the chance to do just that.

Women’s Travel Tip: The Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) in Mexico

Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women) is a hidden little gem off the coast of Cancun just a short 25-minute ferry ride from mainland Mexico.

What it was like to be in a remote part of Cuba at the dawn of the Coronavirus

it is my last day in this remote, newly developed area of Cuba. I turn on my phone and my peaceful morning shifts into panic as I read about the spread of Coronavirus.

Making travel the best it can be – by and for women

We seek real life, not perfection. We pursue the wisdom of history, the beauty of culture, and the wonder in our world, found in moments both expansively big and surprisingly small. We’re not tourists—we bring our whole, authentic selves to every encounter. We are aware and accountable for the impact of our decisions on our Earth.

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It Takes a Village – An Inspirational Story of Rural India

It Takes a Village – An Inspirational Story of Rural India

The saying goes that “it takes a village” to raise a child. No one in rural India defines this saying more than former village chief Shyam Sundar Paliwal, who plants 111 trees for every girl born in his village. Bonnie Hinschberger shares her experiences visiting this tiny village in Piplantri, between Deogarh and Udaipur, in semi-arid Rajasthan.

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