Rupi Mangat
I'm Kenyan and l love my country. I guess that's why l started writing in 1998 to inspire Kenyans to travel and explore this beautiful country and treat her with care. In 1991, l started to volunteer with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya as a fundraiser. WCK is a youth organization started in 1968 by high school kids wanting to see the wildlife in the country and become the future conservationists. I am the editor of the WCK magazine, Komba...30 years on. I'm still writing and travelling all over East Africa and wherever else l can get to.
Currently located: Nairobi, Kenya
Next trip: I will be visiting Lake Baringo a freshwater lake in the Great Rift Valley and then Mount Elgon that has tunnel 'tusked' out by elephants mining for salt
Favourite destination: The desert...the remotest part of north-western Kenya that borders Ethiopia. It's prisitine with great landscapes...Lake Turkana that is the largest permanent freshwater lake in a desert, bordered by the Lepurr mountain range and the plains and the desert people who live in this amazing part of the world.

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