Rupi Mangat
"The world is my oyster"

Rupi was born and raised in Kenya and started writing in 1998. She wrote to inspire Kenyans to travel and explore their beautiful country and treat her with care. In 1991, she started to volunteer with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya as a fundraiser. WCK is a youth organization started in 1968 by high school kids wanting to see the wildlife in the country and become future conservationists.

Rupi is the editor of the WCK magazine, Komba, 30 years on. She is still writing and travelling all over East Africa and wherever else she can get to.

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Currently located: Nairobi, Kenya
Things I Love: Meeting people. I've learned so much from people who many a time l had no clue who they were and suddenly realized ... wow...they have turned out to be researchers, environmental activists, artists, writers, or novelists.
Favourite destinations: The desert...the remotest part of north-western Kenya that borders Ethiopia.

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