JourneyWoman Readers Share Their Best Travel Tips From June 2022

by | Jul 7, 2022

Slovenia - Aerial view resort Lake Bled.
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Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Featured image: Stunning views of Lake Bled, Slovenia, which was highly recommended by JourneyWomen this month / Photo by cookelma on Envato

Women share their best tips for travel, from Canada to Slovenia

Curated by Breanna Schnurr, Editorial Intern, JourneyWoman

If you’re looking for new travel inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Many of our readers have spent the last month (or more!) trotting the globe. Whether you are staying close to home, or booking flights around the world, these tips will get the inspirational juices flowing to plan your next trip.  These tips were curated from our submission form here and our private Solo Travel Wisdom Facebook group, where readers regularly share advice.

1. Off the beaten path in Cayo Cruz, Cuba…

“I’m at Iberostar Esmeralda Coral Level and if all you want is peace and quiet in a gorgeous small resort, this is the one. I have the swim up room. The beach is EMPTY and goes on for miles and miles, with warm shallow aqua water. It’s obscenely beautiful. Cayo Cruz, Cuba is a recent development, I love trying new resorts on my favourite island!” – Nat Hagn, BC, Canada

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2. A dozen trips to France

“I’ve been to Monet’s Gardens twice, Versailles, Mont Saint Michel and all the landings of the Allied troops during my dozen trips to France. A favourite country!” – Arlene Polangin, Maryland, USA 

3. Preparing for your first France solo trip?

“Start with working out as much of your itinerary as you can before arrival — that is, your priorities of what you refuse to miss. Then slow it down so you can actually, viscerally engage with the culture. It’s no small thing in France that manners matter. And, last but not least, helping is in all of our DNA. The French, when approached for help, show up with great gentility.” – Ani Moriarty, Ashland, USA

Woman in red jacket in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

4. Know the local bus fares

“If you go to Saint Emilion from Bordeaux for the day, it is easy to take the train for 10€ and a TukTuk shuttle for €4 Euro. There I recommend a weekend lunch at the L’Huitrier Pie Michelin restaurant. Delicious!” – Gretchen, originally from California, USA

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5. The wonders of Spain

Siesta is not what many North Americans think. It’s not necessarily a time for sleeping, but a time for the family to pick up the kids from school, and come together to share a meal. This is also the largest meal of the day. Many cafés, bars and restaurants have ‘reservada’ signs on the tables. Also, portions are larger unless you can find a proper tapas bar. The ‘media’ size is good for 2 people and the ‘Plato’ would be for a family sharing. And that is what they do, share. It is wonderful how families eat together. Kids, teens, parents and los abuelos (the grandparents). It’s beautiful to witness.” – Donna Murphy-Richardson, Canada

6. Málaga or Torre del Mar?

“Málaga would be on my list for a weekend away or a night out. It is beautiful and alive! For me, I can get a better stretch of my dollar in Torre del Mar, 45 minutes away. Population Málaga 545,000, population Torre del Mar 20,000. Fresh produce is inexpensive in both places, but rents are higher in Málaga.” – Donna Murphy-Richardson, Canada

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7. Pay a visit to Vancouver Island

“Anywhere on Vancouver Island is paradise, but aim for Victoria, Parksville or Tofino and you won’t be disappointed.” – Noreen Lerch, Vancouver Island, Canada

Read about guest writer Tracy Smyth’s solo adventure on the Vancouver Island Trail.

8. Tap into your inner valley girl in the Okanagan, BC

I particularly enjoy walks in the Mill Creek Park and driving the backroads around Kelowna. Lake Country is lovely and Oyama is a favourite stop for me with its farm market store. Peachland has a nice beach and a nice little art gallery and isn’t as busy as Kelowna. Avoid West Kelowna – full of big box stores and terrible traffic. I live in the Shuswap north of the Okanagan and drive down to Kelowna a lot. If you get up to Enderby – go to Sutherlands (a gas station store) for some fabulous cronuts or donuts. If you get as far as the Shuswap, a must do is Margaret Falls opposite Herald Park. I haven’t been to Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon but I hear it’s fabulous. It’s all about lakes, trails, wine and food in the Okanagan.” – Barbara Hart, Vancouver, Canada

Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Tofino, Vancouver Island / Photo by edb3_16 on Envato

A woman practises yoga in her hotel room.

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9. Or maybe Slovenia is more your speed?

“I visited Slovenia in fall 2019 and loved it. The capital of Ljubljana is a beautiful small city with a vibrant outdoor cafe life and friendly, lively atmosphere. We rented an apartment overlooking the river in the centre of town and shopped in the large selection of food stalls in the public market a short walk away and in the outdoor farmers’ markets as well. The museums in town focused on art, history, and culture are really excellent; I especially enjoyed the ethnographic museum which had fascinating exhibits that provided a sense of this country being at a cultural crossroads of eastern and western Europe.”  – Denise Casey, Atlanta, Georgia

10. Moving outside of Ljubljana

“Slovenia is great! Besides Ljubljana, I love Piran (a short drive away), which is like Venice without the canals (or the prices!). I went to the Skocjan Caves, which is very cool, and the famed disappearing Lake Cerknica. But the whole country is very scenic and has a fascinating history.” – Paula Lozar, Santa Fe, New Mexico

11. Pack up and head to the windy city

“For my hometown of Chicago: please, please, come walk along Lake Michigan — from Oak Street to North Avenue:  you’ll get the glittering waves at your feet, plus our architecture as the backdrop.” – Margaret Ghielmetti

Chicago skyline at sunset

The picturesque Chicago skyline at sunset / Photo by twenty20photos

Carolyn wearing her Coolibar sun dress.

12. Seek out the land of 12,000 rivers

“Just returned from exploring Latvia.  A must-visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, souvenirs & meeting interesting people is Riga Central Market. Housed in three zeppelin hangers (large, art deco) with some outdoor stalls as well. Close to Daugava river. Clean, odourless & very tasty.” – Margaret Robinson, Hamilton, Ontario

13. A quaint inn in Shelburne, Nova Scotia

“In Shelburne, Nova Scotia, stay at Cooper’s Inn, which is ranked in the top 1% of all bed and breakfasts worldwide. Amanda, the new owner, is dedicated to continuing the high service standards, her garden is filled with peonies and the town couldn’t be cuter (it’s also the town where “The Scarlett Letter” was filmed.)  – Carolyn Ray, Toronto, Ontario

14. Protect your skin from the sun

On our recent sleep and menopause webinar, we talked about melanoma, skin cancer and sun protection. I’ve recently discovered Coolibar (thanks to Diana Eden, who mentioned it in her swimsuit article here), and just ordered a stylish swimsuit cover-up and a hat, both with build-in SPF50+ protection.

At $160, it’s expensive but since my father died from melanoma two years ago, I’ve been trying to do a better job or preventing skin cancer. Find one here! – Carolyn Ray, Toronto, Ontario


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