No Single Supplement on Selected 2023-24 Antarctica Sailings with Swan Hellenic

by | Oct 24, 2023

big luxury cruise ship in the middle of the antarctic ocean
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Last updated on March 29th, 2024

Swan Hellenic announces exclusive no single supplement travel deals on selected Antarctica expedition sailings

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As you may have heard, JourneyWoman’s Carolyn Ray has been on a Swan Hellenic ship for the past three weeks, having visited Egypt, Jordan and East Africa (you can follow her travel journey on our private Facebook group here). When the Swan Hellenic team heard of her plans to return through Israel, they arranged for her to stay on the ship for another 10 days and fly safely home from Dubai instead. That’s incredible service!

Today, we’re sharing an exclusive special deal with no single supplement just for JourneyWoman readers on Swan Hellenic’s Antarctica expedition cruises from November 2023 to January 2024 – with prices starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD.

Whether you travel solo or with a friend, or if you’ve been thinking about a polar cruise, these prices are just too good to pass up. Some run through the holidays — why stay home when you can reconnect with nature and wildlife. These exclusive deals are valid until November 10, 2023 or while inventory lasts.

Kelly Predmesky, Director, North America, Swan Hellenic, says: “Female travellers should consider travelling to Antarctica because it is place where you can simultaneously disconnect, while feeling more connected than you have ever felt in your life. With Mother Nature’s finest work as the backdrop, surrounded by surreal iceberg formations, landscapes that will leave you feeling like you’re on another planet, and a symphony of wildlife and creaking ice, you have no choice but to be jerked into the present moment by the power, the vastness, the silence, the fragility, and the life found only in Antarctica.”

Interested? Call 1-800-537-6777 between 9 am – 6 pm ET Monday to Friday and tell them you heard about this discount from JourneyWoman to get your special pricing. Use the code CAT0040 to take advantage of this JourneyWoman exclusive offer!

About Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic is a founding partner in the “Small Ships” section of our Women’s Travel Directory, and offers boutique-style cultural expeditions across all seven continents on their three brand new ships — the Minerva, Vega, and Diana — which carry less than 200 passengers each. It’s the perfect size ship to connect with other guests, and receive personalized service in an expedition environment.

 Read more about Swan Hellenic and their commitment to women’s solo travel here.

Check out the JourneyWoman-exclusive no single supplement Antarctic itineraries below! Hurry – these exclusive deals are valid until November 10, 2023 or while inventory lasts.

Current deals with Swan Hellenic

For these special discounts, call 1-800-537-6777 between 9 am – 6 pm ET and use the code CAT0040 at the time of booking to take advantage of these JourneyWoman exclusive offers!

Antarctic Peninsula Discovery
From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 10-Day Expedition Cruise​
November 6 – 15, 2023 (10 days), December 11 – 20, 2023 (10 days) & December 20 – 29, 2023 (10 days)
Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $10,254 USD/$14,086 CAD) – no single supplement
Travel across the legendary Drake Passage to the frozen Antarctic Peninsula – where you’ll discover mesmerising icy wonders like the Gerlache Strait and the magnificent Antarctic Sound.
​For the November 6 departure, read more here.
For the December 11 departure, read more here.
For the December 20 departure, read more here.

Africa to America Antarctic Epic
South Atlantic 20-night semi-circumnavigation cruise from Africa to Latin America
November 21 – 11 December, 2023 (20 days)

Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $14,750 USD/$20,623 CAD) – no single supplement
Voyage across the southern Atlantic on this epic Southern Atlantic & Antarctic Islands Discovery cruise on board our boutique ship that takes you places few have been before.
​Read more here.

Antarctic Peninsula Odyssey
From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 10-Day Antarctic Peninsula Expedition Cruise
December 12 – 22, 2023 (10 days) & December 29, 2023 – January 8, 2024 (10 days)

Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $14,000 USD/$19,240 CAD) – no single supplement
Sail on Zodiac boats through ice-choked waters, searching for seals, whales and seabirds, and journey alongside polar specialists as you share in their vast knowledge of these isolated regions. 
For the December 12 departure, read more here.​
For the December 20 departure, read more here.​

Spirit of Antarctica
​From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 12-Day Expedition Cruise on the SH Vega
December 22, 2023 – January 2, 2024 (12 days)

Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $19,240 USD/$26,435 CAD) – no single supplement
Cross the Drake Passage on your voyage to the incredible Antarctic Peninsula. This frozen wonderland is home to unparalleled beauty – breathtaking rugged coastlines, enchanting blue icebergs, and endless wind-carved snow glistening in the sun. 
​Read more here.

Weddell Sea Discovery
From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 12-Day Expedition Cruise
January 2 – 13, 2024 (12 days)

Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $16,435 USD/$22,559 CAD) – no single supplement
Sail deep into Antarctica’s furthest reaches on this adventure of a lifetime. The ice on the Weddell Sea is too thick to navigate for most of the year, so only the lucky few get to experience this phenomenal corner of Antarctica. 
Read more here.

Antarctic Peninsula in Depth​
From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 14-day Expedition Cruise on the SH Diana
January 8 – 21, 2024 (14 days)

Starting at $5,999 USD/$8,200 CAD (originally $16,800 USD/$23,172 CAD) – no single supplement
This cruise is your real Antarctic adventure. Aboard our 5-star ice-class ship, you’ll experience this incredible part of the world in comfort and style. 
Read more here.

Exclusive to JourneyWoman readers, Swan Hellenic is offering no single supplement on these trips. Call 1-800-537-6777 between 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday to Friday and use the code CAT0040 at the time of booking to take advantage of this special offer!

Travel tips: Check Skyscanner for flight costs before you book, don’t forget to use incognito mode and consider combining a less-expensive flight with train travel where possible. Our Booking Resources page has recommended services from other women and you can share or search women-friendly accommodations and hospitality services in our new Places to Stay section. We also want to remind you how important it is to purchase travel insurance. Check prices on

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Iceland and eastern Greenland - small ships - Swan Hellenic
Photo provided by Swan Hellenic
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    a new place to travel and i love no single supplement (if it’s truly a no supplement

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      It is, and why not call and find out for yourself? Enjoy!


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