JourneyWoman’s Sandra Phinney Wins Travel Writing Awards From the Travel Media Association of Canada

by | Jun 17, 2024

Sunrise on First Carrying Lake at Birchdale.
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Featured image: Sunrise on First Carrying Lake at Birchdale / Photo by Sandra Phinney

Phinney wins two travel writing awards 

JourneyWoman writer Sandra Phinney, 74, has won two travel writing and photography awards at the 2024 Travel Media of Canada Awards on June 15, 2024 for articles published in JourneyWoman in 2023. Her first award-winning article is called, “Seven Decades of Travelling in Nova Scotia” and received an honourable mention in the Best Outdoor Adventure, Sport or Recreation Story. She also won an honourable mention in the Best People Photo Award for her photograph of Trapper Holman Campbell, featured in her article “The Joys of Being Stranded — More Than Once—in Labrador”

Reinvention is possible, at any age

Sandra lives off-grid in the forest on the edge of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia, Canada. The septuagenarian has had a few former lives including teaching, social work and farming.

At age 55 she reinvented herself as a writer.  Since then, she’s penned four books, contributed to several travel guides, and her articles have appeared in over 70 publications. Although Sandra has journeyed around the world (and written about her travels) she’s just plain nutty about travelling in Atlantic Canada—four provinces she considers her home turf.

“I’m thrilled that Sandra is being recognized for her incredible talent as a storyteller, photographer and a mature woman over 50,” said Carolyn Ray, CEO and Editor, JourneyWoman. “It’s important to have writers who are representative of our readership of women over 50, while  advocating for more purposeful, slower and local travel experiences, as Sandra does in all of her articles.”


Sandra Phinney headshot

Sandra Phinney, JourneyWoman writer

Two travel writing awards

Seven Decades of Travelling in Nova Scotia

Sandra’s first award-winning article is called, “Seven Decades of Travelling in Nova Scotia”, and she shares 70 years of experience paddling.

She writes: “I’ve paddled in Nova Scotia for over 70 years and have owned seven canoes: CleoClementine, Willard Hewey, No Name, Bella, Ms. Ebony, and Stupid Canoe. They each have their own peculiarities, stubbornness, and foibles—as do I. Whether you are a wanna-be paddler or have years of experience, there are lakes, rivers, and coastal areas in Nova Scotia to suit every skill level and interest.”

A group of women paddling in Nova Scotia

A pleasant break from portaging. / Photo by Sandra Phinney

“The Joys of Being Stranded — More Than Once—in Labrador”

Sandra’s second article, “The Joys of Being Stranded — More Than Once—in Labrador”, included an award-winning photograph of Trapper Holman Campbell.

She writes: “So here I was, stranded in Rigolet for a few days. You might wonder: what else is there to do in a tiny community of about 300 people? The answer: plenty! …..But mainly I wandered around, meeting folks like Holman Campbell, a seasoned trapper, and fine storyteller. After meeting Holman the first time, I was so taken with his stories that I returned and was offered an amazing meal of moose stew. Imagine that. The Inuktitut word for tourism is silakKijattisinik. It means “the place you go to enjoy yourselves.” It’s all about going with the flow in this part of the world, where strangers are no longer strangers after the first Hello.

Trapper Holman Campbell in Rigolet, Labrador

Trapper Holman Campbell in Rigolet, Labrador / Photo by Sandra Phinney

Why Women over 50?

In JourneyWoman’s most recent global study, “The Influence and Affluence of Solo Women 50+ in Travel”70% of women over 50 said they felt undervalued and ignored by the travel industry. Women also expressed concern about the lack of age-appropriate and diverse photography, a desire to see more appropriate terminology to describe older women and more emphasis on mobility and accessibility requirements. 

Women over 50 are not ‘old’, but experienced. Not sedentary but adventurous. Not dependent but independent. Not alone but powerful. Not behind the industry, but ahead of it. These are women who challenge convention, follow their own path and wait for the rest of the world to catch up. It’s time they were recognized and honoured, and who better to do it than JourneyWoman.

About JourneyWoman

Founded in 1994, JourneyWoman™ is the world’s first solo female travel resource and one of the most trusted women’s travel brands in the world. JourneyWoman hosts the world’s largest Women’s Travel Directory as a free service to women, providing hundreds of curated and vetted women-friendly tours, retreats, small ships and safe places to stay while supporting small tourism businesses around the world. To elevate women’s voices, the award-winning Soul of Travel Podcast joined JourneyWoman in 2023. JourneyWoman also launched the travel industry’s first Women’s Speaker’s Bureau to share wisdom from women over 50 and accelerate diversity and the JourneyWoman Awards for Women Over 50. To learn more, visit FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn. JourneyWoman is a registered trademark of Journeywoman Enterprises Inc.

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