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Overcoming Fear

Real advice on how to find yourself again and overcome fear

Getting Back Into Travel: Widows Who Travel On Their Own Terms

What happens when the person you’ve shared a life and traveled with is suddenly not there anymore? How do you get started in widow travel?

Solo Travel for Seniors: How to Overcome Fear and Get Started in Solo Travel

If you’re a senior woman hesitant about solo travel, here are expert tips to get started and face your fears.

Is Solo Travel Really Lonely? 30 Tips to Manage Loneliness

Ageless wisdom curated by the iconic Evelyn Hannon, JourneyWoman founder, on how solo women can manage loneliness on the road.

Stories About Overcoming Fear

Grief Journeys – Travel After Loss

Grief Journeys – Travel After Loss

Grief and loss are part of the human experience. Indeed, it’s something the world is feeling collectively right now, gripped as we are by a pandemic. Our stories have one common thread: We all found healing in travel.

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