JourneyWoman Webinar Series: What is Expedition Cruising (And Why is it so HOT Right Now?)

by | Nov 27, 2023

expedition cruising swan hellenic for women
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Last updated on December 12th, 2023

Featured image: A small expedition ship is a sustainable and exciting way for women to travel / Image from Swan Hellenic

Is expedition cruising right for you? 

One of the top trends in travel in 2024 is expedition cruising. Notably different from large ship ocean cruising, small expedition ships offer a more intimate experience (with less than 100 rooms), are environmentally friendly with the latest technology and staffed with highly educated lecturers and scientists.

With destinations ranging from the Arctic to less-travelled places in Africa, South America and the Middle East, expedition cruise companies like Swan Hellenic promise a uniquely different experience but with all the creature comforts like beautifully designed and accessible rooms, top-notch cuisine, and pricing that includes excursions, food, beverages and tipping, making it an affordable way to travel for solo and mature women on a budget.

As the founding partner of our Small Ships Directory, Swan Hellenic provides no single supplement on select cruises (read more here and make sure you are on our mailing list).

What questions do you have about expedition cruising?

In partnership with Swan Hellenic from our JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Directory we’ll share perspectives on what makes expedition different from large ocean ships and how to choose the right experience. We’ll also talk about who should go on a expedition cruise, including pricing, inclusions, and the overall experience.

We’ll answer all of your questions, such as:

  • How is it different from cruising?
  • What are the ships like?
  • How many passengers/ rooms are there on an expedition ship?
  • Are they more sustainable than cruise ships?
  • Where do expedition ships go?
  • How long are the trips?
  • What does it cost? What’s included?
  • What are the rooms like? Are there accessible rooms?
Giza Egypt Expedition Cruising Swan Hellenic

Join our Speakers

Moderated by Carolyn Ray, Editor, JourneyWoman

Carolyn, who is not a ‘cruiser’, recently spent 21 days on a Swan Hellenic expedition cruise from Cyprus to the Seychelle Islands. Her journey began on October 3 in the Mediterranean Sea through the 193-km Suez Canal, into the Red Sea and through Bab-el-Mandeb, otherwise known as the Gate of Grief, into the Indian Ocean.  Along the way, she stopped at ports in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, and the remote island of Socotra, ending in Maje, Seychelles on October 24. 

Read more about Carolyn’s journey here:

A Brave New World of Expedition Cruising to the Middle East and Africa

Highlights From 21 Epic Days on a Swan Hellenic Expedition Cruise: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and Socotra

Kelly Predmesky, Swan Hellenic North America

Kelly Predmesky, Swan Hellenic North America

With journeys on all seven continents, ranging from 8-day explorations to epic 21-night semi-circumnavigation voyages, Swan Hellenic is stepping away from the traditional ‘rinse and repeat’ ethos of cruising. Instead, it has created luxury cultural expeditions, with intriguing itineraries, seasoned guides and renowned experts, scientists and explorers – all designed to feed curious minds.

“We are a perfect fit for independent solo travellers who want to be adventurous, but also appreciate some comfort along the way,” says Kelly Predmesky, Director, North America, Swan Hellenic.  “Women over 50 are ideal travelers for Swan Hellenic because of their desire to learn and the variety of trips to suit where women are at in their travel journey.”

Predmesky notes that Swan Hellenic also offers many amenities that women will appreciate, including ongoing lectures, a library, an onboard spa, in room dining, and a fitness area.  It’s worth noting that everything is included, from food to excurions to tipping.

Jane Wilson, a Swan Hellenic Expedition Leader

Jane Wilson, Expedition Leader, Swan Hellenic

Jane’s professional experience in Antarctica spans more than 30 years, including work on scientific stations and aboard polar research & tourism vessels as a scientist, lecturer, zodiac driver and Expedition Leader.

She started her polar career as a field scientist studying penguins and seabirds based on Australia’s Macquarie Island and also near the research stations of Davis, Mawson & Casey.  She also led scientific voyages on Australia’s Icebreaker Aurora Australis.  Wanting to share her enthusiasm for Antarctica, she gravitated to the expedition cruise industry where she guided adventurers aboard expedition ships to many parts of Antarctica including the Ross Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula.

She is now part of the Swan Hellenic Expedition Operations team ensuring we keep to the highest of environmental standards and deliver unforgettable voyages  with our dynamic and talented onboard expedition guides to lead the way.

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