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Midlife Reinvention

Stories of women who adapt, find their purpose and growth through travel

Why It’s Never Too Late: Reinvention at Any Age

It’s never too late to embrace reinvention at any age, as travel writer Leyla Alyanak, 70, is still discovering as she looks for new adventures.

Finding Joy: Rona Maynard and Life Lessons From Casey, her “Starter Dog”

A candid, funny conversation with feminist icon Rona Maynard, who shares her journey of reinvention after her career at Canada’s Chatelaine magazine.

Can You Master Menopause? A Menopause Retreat in Costa Rica Jumpstarts Joy

A menopause retreat in Costa Rica teaches women how to embrace a positive mindset, spiritual health, good nutrition and exercise.

Stories About Midlife Reinvention

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